Monday, January 12, 2009

My first post of 2009

Yeah yeah so I'm 12 days late. Does it matter. Honestly, i haven't had much of inspiration to write since there is nothing much to write about and as the title way at the top states, I hardly right emo drama kind of stuff.

But I'll write something anyway with no idea where it's gonna lead. So bare with me. So far 2009 is looking good. Well compared to the crap that was called 2008. I've just bought a condo which is a great feeling! So if anyone knows where i can get good prices on furniture, renovations, electronics.. would appreciate the heads up. Can't wait to furnish it and call it home. Still 3 months left to go. Damn this whole legal thing to get a house sure is a slow process.

Work wise, it's looking good. I don't feel the strains i used to last year. But then again it's a new year and i just got off a 2 week break and i might just be freshened up. For those dear listeners that emailed me and asked me how can I go on leave for so long? Well dudes, it happens. Waking up at 5 a everyday and acting cheery sometimes burns you out fast.

Been dating a bit, and must admit i have met some extremely amazing women. Intelligence and personality rate really high with them. Of course not to mention that they are very pretty. The problem is i am still scared of being hurt. Women bare with me for awhile. But i think it's pretty hard to find a matured, loyal, considerate girl in KL. Women these days are turning as wild and inconsistant as men. It's scary. I mean i know a girl who has 3 boyfriends. I mean.. WOW! How do you juggle? You know how women always say they have no faith in men? Well i'm getting to the point where I think there might not be any more good women left in town. And i know everyones gonna say I am looking at all the wrong places or meeting all the wrong girls. Well then someone point me in the right direction! But thankfully I am not making this a priority in life right now. Just wanna get the house thing done and the money thing all done and then let God decide where and when a woman shall come into my life.

I think i gotta start writing like this more. What do you think?