Monday, October 30, 2006

The Creator of the Poon Man

You know him as the hot chick Adam C on I just know him as Adam. Yes he has so much time on his time that he created The Poon Man based on personal encounters with one of our friends. Ok the story is out. Adam is one imaginative guy with way too much time on his hands.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Kinkybluefairy's advice!

If you guys don't know who kinkybluefairy is well , scroll down the right side of this page till you see her name and click it. She is probably one of the most read blogs I know about. I love how she names everyone uniquely!

Anyway we were at a friends open house for Raya a few days ago and I asked her what to blog about. And she said "Just RANT".

So I am gonna try that today. Since i have a lot of rants that i never bothered to talk about.. well here goes. Trust me it could be a long read.

Malaysia Service Industry!

I mean c'mon how hard is it to have service with a smile. I have gone to tons of fast food outlets and even tho here is about 20 ppl behind the counter there is only 1 counter open. And everyone else is just hanging around. I mean the least they can do is act busy.

And drive throughs! I mean isn't it an alternative to make things go faster. But no. I waited a whole 20 minutes waiting to get to my turn. Here is what the damn cashier did

1. Took the order
2. Punched it in
3. Asked for payment
4. Waited for me to get money out of my wallet
5. Took the money
6. Punched it in
7. Got my change
8. Proceded to make my order
9. Waited for my order
10. And the finally i got my food.

I mean after taking my order he could have made the order so while i was getting the money ready he could have done step 8 - 10.

ANd if you are in a restaurant, especially classy ones... the least you could is train your staff to know how to pronounce items on the menu o rmaybe just know how to smile instead of tossing you the menu and going "Yes?"

Nice guy always finishes last

I just got some upsetting news. A few months ago some friends of mine got into some trouble and today i found out they thought I was the one who started it and i was the one adding the fire to it. But in fact I was the one trying to protect them and stuff. It saddens me when things like this happen.

ok enough ranting. will save some for later posts. how did i do kinkyblue?

Who wrote "The Poon Man"

Ok i have been getting some emails about who came up with "The Poon Man" .

Well I am about to convince this person to reveal his identity. The writer of course not the subject topic. So stick around and I shall have it for you soon.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Quote of the day!

I was talking to this guy online about foosball. And i told him i was completely out of form cos I have not been practicing or even playing for that matter. And this is his reply!

Now thats a power line! Thanks Allen.

The Poon Man

I work with some people who obviously have way too much time on their hands. One of the DJ's from one of the stations decided to put his creative juices together and come up with the story of "The Poon Man". Now for those of you who understand your ebonics you might know what "poon" is but for those of you who do not know we will keep it to be a tropical fruit. So this colleague of mine who shall remain nameless unless he gives me permission to reveal his identity to show what kind of sick person he really is, sat down and wrote this and emailed it to a few people

So anyways, please read on to the story of "The Poon Man"

Let me tell you a story,

Its called The Poon Man

On a dark and stormy night, the 13th of September 1983 to be precise, somewhere along Petaling Street, there was a longkang that resembled, to everybody's surprise, a giant poon. Complete with hair.

It was on this night, in that very longkang, that our very own A****A*** was born. From a poon.

Whilst he was growing up, his mother knitted him out in some rather odd shirts. They were poon shaped shirts.

In fact, that is why now A*** has very flimsy arms because as we all know, poon's do not have arm holes. So he kept his arms inside the shirts, never using it and thus his arms became very weak. In fact, the reason he is so tall is because, since his father had a very long schlong to fill up his mother's poon, he always figured he had to be long as well, inside his very own poon...his t-shirt!

Doing daddy proud by filling it up.

Growing up, he never kept it a secret what a fascination he has with poons of all shapes and sizes, but he had a very deep and dark secret.

However, the time came from him to attend college and his secret came close to being exposed.

For you see, given his fascination with drumming, many people assumed that it was because he was trying to be cool, like his brothers.

But this is where is secret failed him.

Very much like being 'The Chosen One', A***s interest in poons was easily explained. He was, and is, the ultimate poon. His fascination with drumming is for reason only. He enjoys banging phallic shaped objects. By being fascinated with poons, he never realized that he is THE POON MAN.

Somehow, his subconscious pushed it into the back of his mind, but he was unable to keep it suppressed, such was his fascination with poon.

This leads me back to how his secret was exposed during college.

A***, AKA the poon man, met one of the Professors of Psychology at HELP, his name being A*** C********.

Professor A**** noticed his fascination with poon and dived deep into the psyche of A***. He discovered is was the Poon Man, and the poon man only requires one thing. Plenty of cock. The Poon man loved cock so much, he could swim in a sea of cocks. For 40 days and 40 nights.

His weakness was other poons, his Kryptonite per say.

So there you have it, the secret of The Poon Man. He is the greatest poon of them all. He loves cock more than a porn star and he wishes to do his family proud.

So I raise a toast to the poon man.

Care to join me?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Glow Stick Shoes

Wishing all readers, friends and loved ones.


And as the saying goes. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Anyway, remember a few posts ago i wrote about the shoes that Ean and Adam got for me from Nike. Well it wasn't till a few days ago that i found out they glowed in the dark. And not only do they glow! It looked like i stepped on a pile of toxic waste. I call them my glow stick shoes. I mean just look at the picture!

So anyways I am waiting for the perfect event when i can wear them out and watch them glow like crazy. Honestly the first day i found out it really freaked me out. When i come home at nights and see them they look kinda ghostly.

ANd just in case i din tell you my housemate "Ze German" bought my dream car. An Airtrek. It's such a sweet ride. Heres a pic of me admiring his moon roof. "OOOOOOOH". I am so kuno!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

HAPPY DEEPAVALI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hong Ling Ching

Just got an email from my sis about my nephew.

HI everyone,

Here's a latest photo of Etienne in school. They're receiving their 'hong ling ching' - like the scout's scarf or badge, but this one is for the country. (He's in the second row). He's very proud of it, and knows how to tie it on himself.

Will send more photos later.



And as you can see i had a bit too much time on my hands.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I found out what it's called!!

Main Entry: amax·o·pho·bia
Pronunciation: &-"mak-s&-'fO-bE-&
Function: noun:
fear of being in or riding in a vehicle

Yes this i what i suffer. It's not too bad la. It's not like i will refuse to get into someones car or anything but i i will feel real uneasy. Like every car is gonna hit us, every twist and turn is scary. I don't know when it happened and i have no past traumatising experiences for me to have such a fear. The only reasoning i have is that i have always been the driver and therefore am not used to NOT being the one in control of the car.

The Mix FM Studio

Alright if you ever wondered what the inside of the mixfm radio station looks like. Well here are some pictures which i "borrowed" from Natalie's blog. thanks Nat.

Righto so this is what our view looks like from where we sit.

A bit of a better zoom of stuff on the left. As you can see we got 6 lines. If the 6th line blinks, most of the time it means you are in trouble. Cos that is the line the bosses call you at.

This is what our playlist looks like. Where you see "live liner - backsell new song" well that means we got to talk.

The volume controls. DUH!

And of course our wonderful photographer deciding to show us what it looks like when we go on air. Thanks Nat!


I decided to put in some pics of me in the studio as well

Saturday, October 14, 2006


To those of you who are children of the 80's you might remember this movie called "Tron" . At the time it was the sci-fi movie of the year. Actually it's a real damn good movie. They even made a video game out of it.Well needless to say that Tron is a legend of a movie. So anyway

The great people of ADIDAS came out with this line called "ADICOLOR" and they made a model called "Tron" It's amazing. So when i was invited to a media sale or Adidas gear at the Adidas Main office today, I knew i had to get a pair. And everthing was 50% off!!!! And I am not the only one who got em. Practically all of Pop Shuvit got a pair


And of course i could not stop there. Had to get your essential Adidas Jacket. The old school stuff. Check it!

They also have a line called the Muhammad Ali line. (in case you didn't know he was a boxer. probably the best that ever lived) Well i got something from that line as well.

And of course to appease the Gods, I got something for the girlfriend.

So all in all it was a very good day. Everyones happy. Adidas, my ex-boss Darren who is now the MD at Adidas and of course my Credit Card Company.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quote of the day!

....i'm gonna bitch slap you so hard that your unborn children will come out well behaved ~ ED DELINE (Las Vegas)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fort Minor

A few weeks back, DJ Cheapshot from Fort Minor came to town to play for a show. He was brought to Astro for an interview so I made sure thatthe Warner Music People brought him to the MIX studio so I could say hi to him. I was real happy cos he "claims" he remembers me from the last time he wasdown in Malaysia. Hey man I will take what I can get.

I remember you too CHEAPSHOT!

And of course if I put a post on Fort Minor, I can't leave out my most prized picture ever!

Yup it' really him even tho he looks like a wax figure. M. Shinoda!

The Mentality of a fooser

I wrote this articles a long time ago. With the current state of the foosball scene and it's players, reading it saddens me. Things are so different now. I guess that in time i was expecting it. But in the current state and the things that have happened I do not have the same love for the game as i did a year ago.

The mentality of a Fooser.

A lot of times when we play foosball we wonder what is the right way to play the game. Within the technicalities of the game as well as the mentality that you must have as a player. This short note is not to tell you what to do but gives you an idea of things you can think of to better yourself as a player as well as help the game.

I personally have been playing the game for almost 10 years. I have not won any major tournaments, have lost to many players and simultaneously been trashed to kingdom come. And why do I come back to the game? Because I love it! Simple isn’t it. And chances if you are reading this, then you love it too.

But here is the answer, don’t love it because you can trash someone, don’t love it because you can shoot the meanest snake shot this side of Brickfields.

Love it because you have friends that enjoy the same joy you do. Love it because you love the game. A lot of time I see players slaving over a table learning how to do that mean snake shot. I really like these players because they want to be good at the sport. But here is the reality of it for me. I love this game so much because of the people that I have met and also the friendships I have developed.

Remember those days when you didn’t know the difference between a brush and a stick pass? And someone explained it to you, and better yet showed you what it was. I hope some of you who think about that think of me as well. Well the beauty of this game is to teach that younger player or less experienced player how to make shots. How to do the smoothest brush pass. I do not know about you but I am proud of seeing the younger players develop to levels I can’t even imagine for myself. Yes, I may have my ass kicked by them but it’s all the part of the teaching process. I hope that someday these same people will partake in the teaching of newer players.

So on my own personal take, this is the mentality of foosball. Play the game, love the game, learn the game and most of all help the game.

Don’t be scared to ask and don’t hesitate when you take that shot.

Authored by
Pietro Ambrose Felix

Are We Doing Enough?
By Pietro Felix

Ever notice how the general discussion at every foosing session or competition usually lands about "there are not enough players", "there are not enough female players" or "there are not enough players who want to play in competition". Sounds familiar. And all of us always talk about trying to get new players to come and play. I must admit that some of you guys actually kept to your word. Kudos to you. But what about the rest of us.

Here is the main thing. We all go out and play foosball and it is a passion to us. Think about that first time when you knew this was the game of your dreams and all the events that lead to it. If we can get everyone to feel that way then awesome. But easier said than done.

I think that some of us started early in the game and therefore are more advanced than most players and some people just give it up after they can't beat you after awhile. SO what do we do?!

The main problem that I personally see is that most of us talk to newbies and try and teach but there is usually no follow through. What is another reason most of us play even though we keep loosing after 2 games? It's called friendship and feeling that you belong to something. That is the key! You can teach all you want to someone you met over a foosball table. You can have a beer with them in a club. Then what happens after the night is over. That person disappears. I think you guys know what I am getting at. The idea here is not just to get that person interested in the game but also feels that they have joined our foosing family. Most of us are not so hardworking to invite people we have just met and ask them to join an existing group of fooser friends. Well if we all think this way then we are screwed.

Secondly, I was looking at our new Malaysian Foosball website and I noticed that it's the same people that are on the website. So here is another suggestion.... The moment we see someone playing or even remotely interested in the game, we give them the websites. They may not want to talk to us a lot over the table but if we can make them remember the website addresses and they come in, at some point of their young life, it might generate the interests a little bit more. SO the next time you see someone foosing and you end up having a word or 2 with them just mentioned the website. I think our webmasters have been great in generating these sites for us. But I think when they created it they had more in mind than just a place for us to chit chat... it should be a tool that all foosers should use to promote the game to everyone they know.

Can we print flyers. Get someone to design a little A4 black and white flyer promoting the website. I can photostat the flyers in my office if you guys want.

I think all of us can do our little part if we try.

It's not how you play the game, it's who you play it with!

Pietro Felix

Monday, October 09, 2006

Speak English La!!

Right so in case you didn't know... I act! Well it actually no big deal. But if you watch some of the non engish channels on Astro you might have caught this short 2 minute segment called "Speak English LA!"

It's basically 3 people. Sazzy Falak, Jesminder Kaur and myself. The idea is wemake scenarios where malaysian will use bad english and then someone wil explain themistake and we will re-do the whole scene. It's no big deal but it plays daaaamn alot. Being the only guy, i get to play husband or boyfriend to other girl so it's very nice for me.

I get recognised more for this show than as Radio DJ.

Anyway i thought i would share some pics we took during our last shoot.

Me and Sazzy reading lines. The crew is always tickled at how i manage to hide the scripts during shoot. Cos i ain't good at memorising lines so i hide the script and read it during shoot.

They asked me to build a house of cards for one of he shoots which had to be blown away for one of the scenes!

Sazzy dying to sleep and dying of heat exhaustion.

Waiting for crew setup which can be painstakingly boring.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

House of cards


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I got new kicks

As you might already know, Ean & Adam who works for is a real good friend of mine. Well this is how nice Ean to me. Ean has a Nike endorsements and every now and then he gives me some new shoes, and today was one of those lucky days. They both persuaded the Nike people to give me a new pair of shoes. Thanks Ean & Adam. Sorry Adam i found out that i don't have a pic taken with you but you are hear in blogger spirit!

Taken a fewn nights ago in laundry after i hit his crotch and he punched me in the jaw. Love love man

So i came home and put the box on my bed not really knowing what to expect

As i opened the box the first thing that came to mind is. Oh i am gonna dirty these in 2 days!

Then i looked at them and came to a decision.....

I will only wear this when it doesn't rain and i know no one is gonna step on my shoes!

Yum!! the taste of fresh shoes!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kids blog at early ages

I was just made aware of this. A friend of mine has na 8 year old cousin that blogs! And it's not that bad.


I came back from Penang last week on thursday specifically to check out my housemate Murat play in Laundry. They call themselves International Groove Collective, check out their site at They only played 1 set but it was a good set. So i told myself that I was gonna take pics with as many ppl as i can. And below is the result of shutter rage!

Ean made me do this. He said go as close to the stage as possible and take a pic with the band

The band. Aaron on vocals, Nazim on Guitars, Nelson on Bass and Ze German on drums

The very cool Vivien Linggi. Big sister to a very close friend of mine Ninien

The ever popular kinkybluefairy, but i know her as Joyce

I got "kinky-ed" Joyce printed lil stickers and was sticking them everywhere. I also got one in my wallet

Ng Ewe Hock or known to the world as "ah boy". Probably one ofthe best reflexes i have seen on a foosball player. He and Alex Ooi were the 2004 World Rookie Doubles Champions. Yes i said it "WORLD"

Apsara who is my housemates cousin and Dhanya. This is picture number 2 because like al girls they needed to QC the first one and decided to take another.

Ryan, Me, Shaul and Megat. It was Shauls Birthday that night

Clara, one of the more gutsy chicks i know but found out that the thing she hates most is anyone telling her she can't do something. She says her ego is too big for ppl to say crap about her.

Iris. A good friend that pops up every now and then. Love the blusher... was it blusher?

Kevin and the famous laineylashes. Kevin you need to open your eyes when you take pics man.

And another Liverpool fan gets converted. Sunil who was an ardent Liverpool fan decided to give in to greatness and wear the crown! Hahahah kidding. I forced it on him. But i bet he is contemplating it

The gang after the performance

Wayne aka Pondok Boy and Eng Soon

My cousin Ryan and his new friend Elaine

Julie of Absolute Football fame. I think she was wearing a lingirie top that night. But hey I ain't complaining

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Supposedly I died in a car accident

Found this article online.
Click here

Congrats Liz and Kaz

A real good friend of mine got married today. Well they got registered a few months back and tonight was their wedding banquet. I must say that the whole preperation was really cute. From the bubbles coming out of the flower displays all round the wedding hall to the change of lightings for the whole hall to change the moods. It had Liz ideas all over it. Even pink.. i repeat PINK M&M's. Was very nice and sweet.

Anyway I din have time to talk to the bride and groom cos I had to rush off to another wedding. So Liz if you read this, I'd like to wish you and Kaz

Good Luck
Good Health
Good Love
Good Sex

This is a picture i took of the wedding card, napkins that were designed for the night and the lil ice cream stick was like a entry to the hall with your name and tale number written on the other side. Cute. I ate the pink M&M before i got home

If you want to see more pics then *click*