Sunday, November 27, 2005

Arsenal win again!

Yes if you have not discovered yet I am a fan of Arsenal FC. Simply because of Thierry Henry and they play great one touch football! It's too early in the season to figure out how they will do at the end of the season but fingers crossed!

Had to go for an event in Luna in Pan GLobal Building. Never been there before but i must admit i love the concept. It's open air with a pool right in the middle and you can sit and gaze at the KL lights from up there. Oh yeah it's on a rooftop. Good date spot or chilling out. Although it was a nice place to hang but it was not really my scene. If i ever go I have to go wtih my friends or on a quieter night. Too many people and felt pretty pretentious but it was for the support of an old friend.

Headed on down to Bulldog for a friends post engagement party. Good fun. The best part of the night was the Chicken and Mushroom Pie i had. Amazing! The rest of the night while everyone was busy with their drink i was glued to the TV watching football. Yes pretty antisocial but was not really up to chit chat except for the occasional laughs and teases.

Learnt a new german word today.. "Depp" which means "idiot" and "Du Depp" means f***ing idiot. Hahahah.

Came to work once i went home to shower and change. I am getting worried cos I am actually so wide awake. Like my body has completely turned 180. It's gonna be crazy during x'mas since I am gonna be living in normal time while am in Penang and after that I will be doing hyperdrive.

GOnna laze at home most of the day and then head on down to Hartamas and chill out in Mont Kiara and just do some aimless surfing!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

X'mas here I come!

Am in a pretty much better mood today because I have just been approved to take leave to go back home to Penang for X'mas. I am psyched cos initially i was not supposed to go back cos I had to work. Yes one of the setbacks of working entertainment i suppose. So i got a bout 10 days off. 4 of which will be for the Foosball National Finals from the 16th - 19th of December. Then it's off to Penang baby!

The week has brought a lot of drama. Good and bad. From friends to personal issues. But all part of the growing process I presume.

Was with the guys tonight for a hang out thing and weirdly was not in the mood for too much. SO basically sat around staring at nothing. Pretty nice laid back night although i was grappling for time cos I had to work at 6 am.

A lot of things happening but i shall restraint from writing it here.

On a happier note. Happy Birthday Jessy!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Brand new movie out in cinemas. It's called Zathura. Now if you enjoyd Jumanji then you will definetely enjoy this one. It's basicaly about 2 brotherss who find a board game and the end game comes to life and in the end they have to complete the game in order to get back to the real world. Very very cool movie. I really enjoyed it. And the 2 kids that played the brothers acted real well. And the comedy is awesome. Highly recommended!

Other than that life goes on. Today was a slow night in breakers so I decided to go up to Salivate and spin for awhile Good release of tension.

Need to go see a good chiropractor and and get my whole body cracked soon. Just a lot of pent up stressed hitting my neck and back.. Everything is all tensed up, so a good cracking is required.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Slow day!

I woke up real late today and decided to take it real easy. I only left the house at about 8.30 pm and thought i would just take some time off on my own. So i headed down to Flamin J's for dinner and maybe go online. But at about 10 they shut off the aircons and it was getting a bit too stuffy for my taste. So i headed to where else but Breakers. Played a few very enjoyable games of foosball.

Ash and Murat showed up and we just chilled out and I came to work.

Hey i told you it was a slow day.

Oh and I called my mom!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The dawgs Qualified!

So it was anexcellently late start in the day. I woke up at about 7 pm and had a lil chit chat with an old friend on the phone ;). Headed down to breakers for Open Doubles Foosball Qualifiers. Was good to see my dawg. Robert! My doubles partner. Well I guess we haven't played together in a long time so we just managed to scrape through and qualified.

The rest of the night was a blur cos I had stuff in my head. Just chilled out in a booth and layan bodoh. Watched a lot of football. Arsenal won!!

Had supper with Edric and Yin Yi while watching the Barcelona and Real Madrid Game. Barcelona won!!

Today is gonna be chilled out. Finish work at 10 am and am planning to go home and sleep till late evening and hoping to meet the gang later. If not am just gonna chill out somewhere with WIFI and get some work done.

Need to rest cos I have to work tonight also.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Started my day about 5 pm today. Slowly moved out of bed and headed to the living room to watch tv for a bit. I knew i i had to rest cos I had to work longer hours. So i headed out at about 7.30 pm and headed to hartamas. Met Dhanya for dinner and we had drinks at Coffee Bean. Was nice chilling out with her. Good company.

Proceeded to breakers where lots of fun going on. And I had fun also. Teasing a friend of mine who had a bit too much to drink.

Went home and decided to kill 2 hours by playing my PS2. I must say I am happy cos I accomplished much on my FIFA Street. *big grin*

Headed off to work. A bit of glitches on the system and I had to be transfered to another studio cos the current studio's computer hung. Wah action packed morning!

Was having a pretty bad mental argument about something. Until i got a sign! Haha i shall not share too much in case i freak anyone out. But lets just say I am happy that I got my faith and that someone listens.

Got my doubles qualifier for foosball tonight. My dawg Robert is coming all the way from Penang tonight to partner me. Woo hoo! Wish me luck!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Was arranging my MP3's on my laptop and stumbled on a song i haven't heard in ages. I thought i would share some of the lyrics. The song is from N'Sync and it's called "Selfish"

I just don't understand
Why you're running from a good man baby
Why you wanna turn your back on love
Why you've already given up
See I know you've been hurt before
But I swear I'll give you so much more
I swear I'll never let you down
Cause I swear it's you that I adore
And I can't help myself babe
Cause I think about you constantly
and my heart gets no rest over you

You can call me selfish
But all I want is your love
You can call me hopeless (hopeless)
Cause I'm hopelessly in love
You can call me unperfect
But who's perfect?
Tell me what do I gotta do
To prove that I'm the only one for you
What's wrong with being selfish?

I'll be taking up your time
Until the day I make you realize
That for your there could be no one else
I just gotta have you for myself
Baby I would take good care of you
No matter what it is you're going through
I'll be there for you when you're in need
Baby believe in me
If love was a crime
Then punish me
I would die for you
Cause I don't want to live without you
Oh what can I do?

You can call me selfish
But all I want is your love
You can call me hopeless (hopeless)
Cause I'm hopelessly in love
You can call me unperfect
But who's perfect?
Tell me what do I gotta do
To prove that I'm the only one for you

Why do you keep us apart
Why won't you give up your heart
You know that we're meant to be together
Why do you push me away
All that I want is to give you love
Forever and ever and ever and ever

You can call me selfish
But all I want is your love
You can call me hopeless (hopeless)
Because I'm hopelessly in love
You can call me unperfect
But who's perfect?
Tell me what do I gotta do
To prove that I'm the only one for you

Selfishly I'm in love with you
Cause I've searched my soul
and know that it's you
Selfishly I'm in love with you
Cause I've searched my soul
and know that it's you
Selfishly I'm in love with you
Cause I've searched my soul
and know that it's you..

My humps!

Hahah yes I know i what you must be thinking. Well i finally saw the BEP video for "My Humps" and i must say was dissapointed. Cos my friends hyped me up too much. Yeah it was a good video buyt with a title like that. hmmmmmmmm

Woke up at about 4.30 and headed straight for Astro for my wardrobe fitting. Ok now things coming together a lil bit more. I will be a businessman and just by the talking I think we kind of go round and correct people english. I will give you more details as i know em ok.

Headed for Hartamas once I was done. Damn heavy rain. Was supposed to meet a friend for dinner but obviously she had better plans!! hahah kidding. So I spent the whole night chilling out with my laptop occasionally making noise with Ah Siau and Chia Soo. Met Moots and Irene for supper and say goodbye cos they are heading of to Bangkok tomorrow for a group holiday. Lucky!

Got some interesting news through the night which sent me through a whirlwind of emotions. I shall not go into detail but it basically got me thinking about a million and one things all at once. Yes everyday is a life changing decision to make.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Ironically the hardest part i had starting to write todays entry is the title. Ok "Salivate" is the name of the club upstairs of Breakers where i was spinning tonight. FOr thsoe of you who have not been there. It's got real cool decor. It's basically a lot of bed with pillows all niec and white with tables on top. So you can chill to the max. It was their first ladies night tonight but the crowd was slow. People only started coming in at about 11.30. I am sure it will pick up in weeks to come. But it was cool cos I wasn't just playing... i was practicing.

I am actually soooo tired. I can hardly focus now. But work goes on as usual.

I am supposed to go for a wardrobe fitting. Why you may ask? Because your friendly neighbourhood Radio Icon is going to act! Yeah lil ole me. Well it's no big deal. Astro TV is basically doing this learn english segment called "Speak English La" So it's basically teaching english the malaysian and humurous way. Each episode is gonna be 2 minutes long and it will be on all channels on Astro. It's cool! Hey it's a start ok.

I play a chinaman. Now i have not seen the script yet but i guess we shall see if it flies. Am nervous, anxious, excited. A bundle of things la!

Signing off
Pietro - Radio announcer, club dj, emcee, foosball player, talent, and now ACTOR!! hahahah

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spinning again!

Yes I am spinning again. Breakers has a club upstairs called Salivate in Hartamas. Nice place. So i am spinning there for their first ladies tonight. Hip hop again it think. Free drinks for the ladies till midnight. Ok now i got the promo out of the way.

It's been a nice couiple of days though it was an amazingly tiring weekend. I thought I was gonna be so sick at the end of it. But I survived. Although my voice is still feeling the strain.

Saturday night was cool cos it was the FOrt Minor DJ spinoff. Nice evening with good friends!

We had a lil cookout thing In Murats place. I made the cheese sausages. Basically all the leftover food from the barbeque was thawed out and cooked. GOod food man. Then went over to Breakers for a bit. Had a good time scarid Edwin. Another victim of the Excorcism of Emily Rose.

Had to send Mal home and ended up chatting for a few hours. Was nice. Nice to meet nice people always.

Today was laid back. Woke up at 3. Headed down to flaming and then off to breakers. Spent most of the evening replying emails and updating and fixing this blog cos somehow or another if you noticed the tag board got cut and i placed a new one.

Having a brain of dillemas now as usual. But no worries! I shall overcome! I hope!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Never had my name on so BIG before. THis is the banner they put in front of Zouk KL. After the night was over they gave it to me. I am gonna use it as a curtain once I move!

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Some pics of the big night! Just thought I would share.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thank You!

Ok before I go on and tell you about the night at The Loft. I need to thank so many people for coming and supporting me and making that night such a happening night. The Bulldog Clan, My amazing Cruisers, My foosball dawgs, My 2 beautful gymnasts, Ladies A'la Carte, Labels, The amazing marketing team of Hitz. GOsh you guys made the night amazing. I felt such pleasure playing to some of the closest friends I have right now.

Im ust admit i was real nervous cos it was all my friends. Of course my mixing was not perfect but hey, you guys liked it didn't you! I felt alive spinning again! Especially during the old school set.

Oh oh.... the thing that freaked me out the most! There was a banner in the front of Zouk facing the street with my name in large fonts! And I mean large! I never ever seen my name so huge before. Don't worry, pictures to be uploaded here soon cos something is wrong with my Picasa. SOon ok

Now the good news is Loft has asked me if I would like to do this once a week. Every Saturday night. They said that I brought in a good crowd. Yes my music selection had nothing to do with it. They said I brought in the right people. Yes this means YOU!!! The not so good news is I have not agreed to it as yet cos that means I would sacrifice all my Saturday nights! ANd of course I can't expect everyone to come everytime I DJ in a club!

It was an amazing night for me personally. Cos of my friends! It's nice to know that you got good friends that support you eh. Thanks all! I promise I will rock the house again!

Don't worry, pictures of the night coming soon!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I am Batman!

Hey just wanted to share a picture of my nephew taken on Halloween. Awesome stuff!

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Fun but not so fair

Today started off slow. Went over to Flamin J's for a Philly CHeese Steak Sandwich which i haven't had in a few eeks. Sorry Jason! Then headed over to Dome in Seksyen 14 to meetJaime and Jessy for a drink. Never knew they had a dome there. It's actually pretty nice. And the staff is extremely perky!

Headed 9over to breakers just to chill out in familiar environment and thought I would try and qualify for National FOosball Finals. Unfortunately not enough people. So decided to join the gang at the Euro Fun Fair. Lots of fast moving, sky high rides. And of course me being a chicken shit when it comes to heights. I decided to stay away from the rides. Unfortunately got a pretty distressing call and had to take care of some family matters.

Once settled decided to go back to breakers and rest my mind again. And lo and behold.... in the end there were qualifiers!!! So sux!

So all in all it was a good average day la. Looking forward to thursday night tho.

Quick question. Should I shave my head bald. I know i got short hair now la but should i skin it??

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Barbeque Central!

Just thought i would share some pictures of a barbeque we had at Murats about a week back. Amazing food!!! And needless to say some people got thrown in the pool. Check out the barbeque pit man! Now thats what I call a barbeque!

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What a day!

How i made it so far with 3 hours of sleep is amazing. I basically finished work at 11 am after being up most of the night before. GOt home and slept for a lil while before waking up and heading down to Rudy's (drummer of Pop Shuvits) open house. It's a yearly event for us. Always nice to see his family. He has got the coolest parents around. But this year saw more and more people at the household compared to 4 years ago when it was just us. We did not stay long cos we had to head over to Eans place for another open house. Lets just say i got my thrill of all the Raya edible goodies.

Had to rush over to the Seremban Highway rest stop for a li bit of a meet the fans thingie. Was pretty good but the jam coming back into kl was incredible. It took me 45 minutes to get there and almost 2 hours to get back. Headed over to Murats place for a lil hanigng out session which lasted till 3 am. Sent Didi home and went home and tried so hard to stay awake. I got about 15 mins of shut eye before i had to go take a shower and head off to work. Which is where i am now. 1 more hour left before i can head home and hopefully get a full 6 hours of sleep before having to go off to Rawang for antoher meet the fans. Hopefully this time round it will be an easier drive back into KL.

I look pretty bad today cos of the tiredness and lack of sleep. Need to get a haircut and shave big time.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dj Pietro Spinning at Zouk!

OK! So I am hyped. the radio station that i work at is having a thing called the radio night where you get to see the jocks in the party mood! And i will be spinning for 2 hours that night. So come on by and party with us ok.

Details below.

Do you feel like hanging out with the announcers? This is your chance to do so during the Radio Nite happening on 10 November 2005 @ Zouk KL from 10.30 onwards.

Admission is FREE so invite all your friend to come and join in the fun! But if you want to win exclusive merchandise from Zouk and also free invites to other Zouk events then you have to tune in to All you have to do is call us at 03-95431111 when you hear the cue to call. Be the nominated caller through and the above mention prizes will be yours!

Friday, November 04, 2005

When do I sleep?!

It's been a very nice few days. Onec again good friends along with good activities. Dinners, movies and just plain hanging out. Its been nice. But of coourse the worry now is this weekend. Especially saturday. How am i gonna get enough sleep to go for all the open houses, work, and out station work. All in one day i Might add. Am getting tired thinking of it. Looks like i have to sacrifice my friday night and get some sleep tonight.

Am looking forward to the radio night. I will be spining as in deejaying in the Loft @Zouk KL on the 10 of November from 10.30 pm onwards. So come on by if you have the chance. Hip hop and R&B mostly. A bit nervous but still looking forward to it. GOt some help from some good DJ friends who aer helping me source for some good remixes to be played that night. Much love to DJ Uno and DJ Fuzz for the help. Also been compiling my own stuff.

So hopefully i get to sleep real early tonight and have an eventful and yet not too hectic day tomorrow.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Movie Review - Excorcism of Emily Rose

Right the title alone will tell you that it's gonna be a screamer. And like the hype said it is true. The movie is awesome. Now it's not all scary and stuff. The movie is basically about a courtroom drama.

Emily rose is a child who claims to be possessed and after numerous psychological testing and medication does not seem to get better and calls upon the help of a priest. Now she knows, the familyknows and the priest knows that sheis being possessed. But somehow another, the law states that she was killed by the priest. SO it's a legal battle between law and belief.

The one thing I really liked about thism ovie is the balance that the writers created. Whether or not you believe in demons in the end you will still be skeptical either way. The balance is basically for every religous piece of evidence that the defense had, the prosecutors had a scientific explanation for it and vice versa.

Now of course the "scream" factor is 10/10. Even when you know that something is gonna jump out and scare the ba-goo-goos out of you, when you prepare with all your might and gather everysingle ounce of courage you have,... It's not enough. cos you will get freaked!

Definetely recommend watching this movie if you love thrillers. And if you don't watch it anyway to scare the ba-goo-goos out of your system.

Good drama/thriller. My rating 9/10

*WARNING - Satans voice caught on tape
**WARNING - Do not watch anywhere close to 3am
***WARNING - Do not bring a date with long fingernails and shrill scream.
****WARNING - Keep an open mind.