Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Hey everyone. I would like to introduce you to my new Godson.

Tay Ewen

Monday, September 26, 2005

Penang Update

Well it's been a few days but here's the low down on whats been going on.

Headed down to Penang early Saturday morning. BUt our driver was real careful till it took us a good 6 hours to get there. It was the longest drive i have ever taken to Penang. Of course the drama in the bus did not help la. But i should not go into it any. But lets just say i have found new heights of anger and also found out that my threshold for patience is extremely high. ALso found out that when i am tired, angry and screaming my voice cracks. Pretty funny actually.

So we got back and I took the guys for some Penang cuisine which they enjoyed, I hope. Brian and JJ were impressed with my fav drink in Penang. It's called Pat Poh Guleng Pheng which is basically a herb drink with milk. Yum.

Sundays dodgeball was pretty cool. If you haven't played it yet i highly recommend it. It's like so like fun! Hahaha. Me a lot of listeners and had fun. But it was a real tiring night.

Went out with Jo and some of her friends to this place in Penang called Bed which is where i am right now actually. Very nice interior. VEry chilled.

Today nothing happend except a day with the nephews. Took them to the peadiatrician which was a bit of a new thing for me. TOns of screaming kids.

Ok highly boring but obviously i leave the juicy details out for reasons of public viewing. But like the title of this blog says. If you wanna know more then just ask me.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I got kicks!

Well I finished work at 6 am but we had a meeting at 12. ANd thinking about the drive home, showering, trying to sleep and then having to wake up in 2 hours and driving down to work and then chasing for a parking spot, I decided to stay in the studio till meeting started. It was fun. Lots of laughs in the studio with the Morning Crew. Rudy and I severly suffering from sleep deprivation ended up laughing about almost nothing or evey lil thing.

Meeting was nice cos there was food! After it ended Ean and myself headed down to Sungai Wang for some shopping. He bought a PSP and I bought 2 pairs of kicks. For the ebonically challenged kicks=shoes.

Was already dying to sleep by the time we were on our way back to astro but made it there and then home. Wanted to sleep through then remembered I had to go to Jo's place to pick something up for her to bring to Penang. Luckily she said i din have too. SO i woke up at 12 and decided to stay home. Played some games and watched CSI till almost 5 and then showered and headed off to work.

Thats where i am now. Waiting in anticipation to go back to Penang today and more so playing dodgeball tomorrow and meeting listeners. So if I don't fill this space ofetn in the next 10 days it means I am way too busy relaxing on my holiday to write.

So have a great weekend and an awesome holiday.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Rebirth Into Reality

SPent the whole day sleeping. Woke up at about 7 pm and went straight to Velvet for the launch of Too Phat's new album called "Rebirth Into Reality" which will be out in stores on Tuesday. Double Album with 26 tracks. Had to do a lil plug there. Met lots of people tonight. Was real nice hanging out. Other than that nothing interesting. So no real updates. TUne in next time.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I love Archie Comics

Thansk to my oldest best friend Ben, for reminding me about the morals on Archie Comics. Good one man. Hahahah. Damn i miss reading archies.

Pretty uneventful day and yet eventful Finished work at 6 am and decided to go to the gym to relieve some stress. Thank GOd i went if not the day might have gone a different direction. Got home about 9 am slept almost immediately. Woke up at about 12.pm. Was pretty excited cos i was gonna watch Stomp tonight. But die to unforseen circumstances and maybe some miscomunication, lack of sensitivity, lack of planning and lack of common sense.. I could not go.

So passed my tickets to a friend. Well I guess the cast of Stomp has to wait for me to go check them out some other time. SOrry guys. I know you were looking forward to meeting me. Hahah.

Andrea called today. Thanks babes for the lil pep talk. It helped heaps.

Had dinner with Moots and Murat. Riza and Farah joined us. I was just kidding when I asked both of them when they were gonna get married. ANd Riz coolly said June next year. Wow he IS getting married. Congrats to both of you!

Spent most of the night shooting the breeze and offering Moots some advice on work. Got real fast and started making my way to work. Was real early so hung out in the ERA studio for awhile.

Eventful yet uneventful.

Note to self. Archie comics has a lot of good lessons!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesday nights rock at Bulldog!!

The day started out kind of slow. Woke up about 12 and went for lunch downstairs. Hung out and went online and did some work. Was not much to be done. I did wanna go shopping but in the end deciedd to save it for thursday since I had to go to town anyway.

Went home and finished a few more episodes of CSI. Was awesome. On the phone with Sal for awhile. It's nice to talk to her every now and nice to catch up.

Headed to down to Bulldog to meet Moots, Murat, Ash, Faizull and Jimbo. Was a good night cos there was this guy playing there. One man show. He was real good. So if you ever feel bored on a tuesday night then Bulldog is the place to be. And you will most probably see me there chilling out. You aremost welcome to buy me a drink hehehe.

We were playing rapping games and all that. It was fun just to be with the guys for a night and doing the guy thing.

During the Singers 3rd set he played a lot of old songs. Brought back memories and since some of the guys had 1 too many we were having a real good time singing along. Altho some of the songs did bring back some not so good memories and at certain points i did feel sad.

Thought about certain things and how things sometimes does not work out for me. But hey I guess life is like that.

Decided to up my vacation time a bit with a trip to KK. Since Pop Shuvit wwill be heading down there for a show i decided to tag along with them and party there. Plus accomodation is free and all. It will be a good release to go out of the Peninsular.

So i am really looking forward to that. Plus who better to go with than with my favorite band. Might give me a better perspective on whats going on with my life now and maybe some thinking out of the box. Yes am at one of those "What do I want in my life" points in my life.

Note to self ; Don't let life fool you.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Do not watch "Camp"

Ok this is the first time in years i would imagine that i have woken up so early on my own accord. And the worst part was i wanted to sleep more but couldn't I basically fell asleep trying to watch the MU Liverpool game which ended in a draw. And that was at 10 pm. So i woke up early. FInally after much argument withm y body i decided to get out of bed and get out of the house. Had a nice lunch at Flamin Js and went over to midvalley to meet coery.

Ended up watching movie with her. Ok word to the wise. Please do not watch "Camp" no matter how good the cinema ppl claim it is. We were basically torn with "Lords Of Dogtown" and "Camp" But the ticket counter girl was telling us that Camp was a good movie. Duh! We had more fun laughing at the bad acting and real stupid story line.

SO the movie was a disaster. We ended up meeting Sarina and I was doing some work and helping her with her laptop. I guess we were all tired out and i had already been awake and going non stop since 8 am. So am now sitting down waiting for my dinner.

Was supposed to go to the after party for James Brown tonight but due to unforseen circumstances it was cancelled. Well at least for me. So I guess the Godfather of Soul has to wait till he comes down the next time to meet me.

Am planing to go to Sungai Wang tomorrow to get some clothes. BUt knowing me i would probably take a raincheck.

Here's to a good day minus the movie part.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday night!

Well iw as looking forward to this all week. Nice friday evennig. I spent most of the day sleeping since i only got home from work at about 12.30 pm. Woke up at about 7.30 and headed for dinner with COery and Sarina in midvalley. Fun evening. Photographs, corny jokes and interesting thoughts.

Bumped into an old high school friend of mine. He was married and with a kid. And we are the same age. Part of me envious part of me happy. But the compliment was that i don't look anything like him age wise. SO it means i am living a good life. I hope.

had a lot offers to go to various places. But in the end i settled to go to breakers again. Bumped into Vanessa. One of our listeners. Hello Vanessa. Was nice meeting you. ANyway had good time foosing. It's nice to be able to enjoy the game and have laughs and laugh at yourself instead of being all competetive which is what i noticed froma lot of the new players. But hey i guess iw as once like them. But it's all about the love of the game baby!

Went home and depsreately tried tpo sleep at 4.30 ambut felt weird like something bad was gonna happen. So ended up going in and out of sleep. So at about 9 i gave up wresting with my pillows and decided to just wake up and watch some tv. AM at work nbow and wodnering what to do after. ALl i know is dinner at 7 to watch Manu vs Liverpool. Then probably call it a night.

Hey princess if you read this. How you doin?!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Late worm fools the bird!

My day started at 6.30PM! Well what do you expect when i only fall asleep at 10 am. Woke up to a bunch of missed calls so was replying to all of em while still slowly waking up. I guess eveyone is used to my schedule already cos everyone was just like "oh wake up already". Wanted to meet Coery but i guess my timing was out so she had already gone home. She was in damas so she thought we could hang. Ended up in ah siaus place playing winning eleven

Melati called. SHe's a good friend that just came back from the UK. Was supposed to meet her but it was sort of geographically out of our way. Ok basically we were lazy to drive to kl la.

Ended up in breakers. Slow and warm night. Ended in a lot of drama. Shall not talk about it here cos some ppl might get upset and i do not want to accidentally say the wrong thing. But don't fret. Things were settled out of court. Hahahaha.

Ended up with Siau at Nathan corner for some good ole fashione maggi goerng and teh ais. And since it was almost time for work.. went home took a showe r and on the air i go. Till 11 am.

ALl in all it was a pretty eventful day even tho it started at 6.30pm

Friday, September 16, 2005

Chu Bei!

Hahah don't ask what the title is. It's a personal joke. Day started early for me. I woke up at 12 to come to the office to do a cmmercial recording for an ad. I got about 4 hours of sleep. SIlly me left my phone in the studio after my shift thism orning. But i knew it would be safe. Stayed back a lil bit after iw as done cos it was too late to go to Taylors like I hd planned to.

Met Sarina and COery and Zef at Flamin J's where we tried to supe up Sarinas pc a lil bit to. Then off to hartamas with them and met Ryan SIa for dinner. Was pretty cool. Sarina if you read this.... let the handbrake go ok. I shall not embaress her with this story.

Huing out in Breakers for most of the night uploading my pics onto the web then off to work. I need sleep badly but have to get through the night I guess and do a good job.

But i feel a whole lot better about my current situation since I put my cards on the table and am sort of a bit clearer on the big picture now. Fingers crossed and make sign of the cross.

I have my leave approved already so Penang here i come. I should be playing dodgeball in Penang on the 25th. So come by and say hi ok.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Need for Speed!

No i don't need drugs. had a good day today. Woke up at about 5 pm and then was just walking aimlessly round the room wondering what to do. Of course a few ideas came to mind and ppl to call but decided that i would stay within the confines of my condo. Ah siau called to have dinner so we met up downstaris and ate.

Wondering what to do next we went over to h is place to play PS2. Ironically the PS2 belongs to me and i had to play it in his house cos he borrowed it a few days ago.

It was fun playing Need for Speed Underground with someone other than the computer. It was a good evening. And then off to work we go.

Was thinking of my lil dilemma. Damn how do i get myself into shit like this all the time. Hahah it's fun i guess. Gives you something to think about. And then life is all about choices and I guess everyone you meet has something to offer you. I know i am speaking greek right now. But i don't want to offend anyone.

SLow night. Not many callers. Then started chatting with Psycho C. It was good fun. Yo Cheryl, thanks for the laughter aaaiiigghhht!! You the coolest shiet! Can;t wait for you to come back!

Overall it was a pretty laid back and cheap day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Warm Chocolate Cake

Had a nice evening. Took Coery for dessert even before we had dinner. Warm Chocolate in Bakerzin at Bangsar Village. Was joined later by Sarina Thank you ladies for a nice evening even tho for a bit i had to put on my MP3 player and entertain myself while surfing the net so you 2 could have a girl talk thingie.

Headed on down to breakers a lil after that and it was warm and hardly anyone ther. Lucky Adil and Jane were there so it was not boring.

Headed straight to work after having dinner at 11.30. Sitting down loking at 8 walls answering calls and being on air.

Pretty good day even tho i did not say much about it here

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, a coke and a smile

Woke up feeling a bit more refreshed after a long weekend. Decided to head on down to Plaza Damas to a friend restaurant called Flamin J's. You gotta check it out. GOod food, free wifi and refillable drinks. Nice place just to chill.

Decided to do some online work and get some chatting done. Although i got enough sleep and felt refreshed after waking up I am slowly falling asleep here. But it's in the middle of the day so I am just gonna chill. Am supposed to meet a friend and take her for some chocolate desserts. But she hasn't called yet so am hoping it will be soon. If not then probably just gonna join Moots and Murat for dinner and catch up at Bulldog. ANother one of my favourite hang out simply cos the food there is brilliant.

Have to work tonight and got to make sure i am refreshed for that.

Now wondering if my friend is gonna show. I sent her a text earlier but no reply. Probably wait for another hour or so before making other plans.

Looking forward to my holiday plans to go home and see my brand new god son. Yeah my sis just gave birth to her second one and I haven't seen him yet. Hopefully the leave gets approved.

Anyway I will let you know how the evening went if anything at all happens. Last resort is Foosball in Breakers. This is one of the main spots you can catch me almost everynight.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Of chickens and balls

Today was a lack of sleep kind of day. I finished work as usual at 6 am and hung around with the crew for a bit and had a few laughs with them. Headed home and could only fall asleep about 8.30. Yeah i know. But i had to wake up at 10.30 to make it back to astro for a 12 o'clock meeting. I thought i would go home early and sleep for a few hours before heading down for a game of futsal with Rooster. If you arewondering. They are a british rock group that came down to just do a lil bit of promo.

In the end, being the stubborn me, i stayed ina stro till 5 and had a crosss with the cruisers and rushed down to ampang for the futsal thingie. It was ok la. Lots of screaming fans and our usual shenanigans.

Finished and had food with Brian and Skeletor. Now am in breakers contemplating what to do next. Only had about 2 hours of sleep and am still going strong. GOnna crash all of tomorrow and chill.

The first

Welcome to my brand new blog. This is probably the first time i am using a public blog for the world to see. I used to think that having a blog for the world to see was a tad impersonal but i figured it's easier for people to figure out whats been going on in my life without having to ask. Of course for the sake of privacy of my friends I will ommit names when i feel necessary. Of course there will be useless jargon everywhere on this site just me lamming over daily events whenever i can fit it in.

Okn ow that the discalimers are done, on to the good stuff. My name Is Pietro Felix and I work in a Malaysian radio station called hitz.fm. If you wanna check it out it's 92.9 in Klang Valley. Or you can log on to the official website at www.hitz.fm.

I am 29 and a child of Penang.

It's a Sunday and what a hectic one. I guess when you are older you can't really stay awake for 24 hours and go buy on 3 hours of sleep a day. We had a live OB today so i played button pusher in the studio while them orning crew did a live broadcast from the curve. It was fun cos i did not have to worry about going on air.

Went home and slept for a few hours before going over to hartamas for some dinner.

It's been a mind screwing weekend cos i think i sort fo screwed up things with a friend. Oc course that was not my intention to do it on purpose. But i guess being my normal crazy self i did things without thinking. So hey if you know who you are then i apologise. I shall make it up to you with chocolates or any way i can think off.

Lots of things going through my head these days. But i shall not get into detail about it.. oh boo hoo!

Until i can figure out how to classify this blog i shall leave it as a daily itenary of my day. So you can see that being a jock is not just going on air and talking. We have lives dammit!! hahaha. So this entry is a welcome mat for you to delve into the daily routine of a radio jock.