Friday, September 29, 2006

Pictures from Penang

Mei Heng and Cynthia. I used to work with these guys in one of my earlier jobs as an admin person at informatics. The job was when i was 18 and these were the girls that used to tease the new guy. But i never compained.

Joyce Wong. Friend of mine from Church who used to live quite near me. I have not seen her in a good 9 years or so and she finally found me on Mixfm. Just had to meet up and catch up. She still looks the same!!!

Now its time for the dudes

Ee Meng. One of the guys that joined our group much later in life. Your typical chinaman.

Chee Key. Yeah his name is cute. Probably one of the few of us in the group not married yet. But i heard thats gonna change next year.

Kah Foo and Chee Wan. I was real close to Kah Foo Chee Wan a few years back. These guys were the dare devils of the group. But after many moons and marriage they decided to slow down on life

Julian and wife. He is one year older than us but has adopted our lil group of friends

Jack. Man of few words. But when those few words come out they usually get you laughing like crazy

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wet wet wet

Been in Penang since sunday and if there is one thing that is consistent it's the weather. It rains 70% of the day here. It's actually nice in the mornings. You know how it is. But Penang itself seem a bit strange to me now. In what way i will find out and let you know soon.

My days have been limited to spending time doing things with family and sitting in Starbucks where i can get wi-fi to check on my emails and such. Also catching up with old friens who i have not seen in years. I am making it apoint of taking pics with everyone I meet up with which i shall post next.

One thing that really makes me smile here is the sound of birds chirping in the morning and in the afternoons. It's sooooo nice. Think about it.. when was the last time you woke up to birds chirping?

I am gonna meet my old crew of friends from high school tonight. It's gonna be like old times again. This is how corny we were. We called ourselves Pete Union. Why? Cos we all smoked Peter Stuyvesant in high school. Hey I told you it was corny. You shall be introduced to them soon enough.

Will be back in good ole traffic congested, chirpless mornings, no char koay teow, no moms cooking KL tomorrow evening. Have to go to Laundry cos my housemates band is playing. I think they call themselves LG Collective. Or something like that. Am looking forwad to seeing them play. Come hang out ok.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I found more pics!

These were taken quite a few months back when i emceed the Asian X Games. Well there are no shot of the games itself but i found a few shots of me taking a break. Nice massage tent for us to chill out. Oh and the pic with a girl is none other thatn a good friend Mizz Nina Posted by Picasa

More pictures of the kids

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Game review time!

As you might have already noticed i love my PS2. As most guys do. So to all the ladies who think their boyfriends/friends/husbands love their PS2 too much, well here are some positive things i have discovered with my PS2

- Saves me money cos i stay at home and play it
- My hand an eye coordination becomes better
- I have stronger fingers ;)
- I could be out getting drunk/high/in trouble/unfaithful/wasting money/eating accesively/breaking my ears listening to loud club mucis etc etc...

I think that covers it for awhile

So i am really fussy when it comes to games cos i think i got a short attention span but this game was different.

Anyway the game that i would like to review today is..

Ok the game in a nutshell is basically you play a character called Kratos who basically kind of made a pact with the devil. Or in this case a GOD. You killed and devastated lands and suddenly you found out all you did was wrong. I mean you were nuts enough to kill your own wife! So Kratos regrets all he has done and now has a chance to make things right and kill of the GOD that has made him what he is. Which is a ruthless heartless killing machine *whats wrong with that?*

One thins I love about this game is it's cinematics and the gameplay is awesome. There is always something happening in the foreground or background.

Yougot your normal level ups and you get some real cool powers. But the best is the slashing actions you can put out.

Also you get to deal with tonnes of different types of enemies. Each enemy has a different way to finish them off which is the collest thing i have ever seen.

The game is real detailed as far as monsters and storyline goes. But with every game there will come a point where you just want to give up. Word to the wise is don't cos it only gets better. And the ending is awesome.

Ok so thats my review if you want to know more click on the link below

if you are too lazy then read below. This is one of the more formal reviews i got off the web

God of War Summary:

God of war is an action-oriented adventure game with a strong focus on fast-paced combat. Players take control of Kratos, a mystically powerful hero in the ancient Greece of classic mythology. Kratos can perform super-human leaps, agile dodges, and magically enhanced combo attacks, which all flow together in a stream of intense engagement. The fast-paced, over-the-top fighting, combined with the tense environments and computer-directed camera angles, give gameplay the feel of combat-adventures such as Devil May Cry or Otogi.

Unlike those earlier blends of survival-horror presentation and combat-minded control schemes, however, God Of War is set in a world more immediately familiar to all fans of western fantasy. The ultimate goal of Kratos is a conclusive confrontation with Ares -- the god of war himself -- but the hero must face a deadly succession of monsters and villains from Greek mythology as he pursues this end. The Hydra, Medusa, the Cyclops, the Minotaur, and other legendary creatures will all have their chances to destroy Kratos before he meets his final destiny.

As God Of War begins, players see Kratos high atop the tallest mountain in the land. They watch as he calmly steps forward off the cliff's edge, in a determined, desperate act of suicide. As the cursed hero begins his decent toward what seems an inevitable, gruesome death, a flashback fades into the story's beginning. Only by playing through Kratos' adventure will players learn what led the hero to take that step toward oblivion. By playing well, they may perhaps yet influence his final fate. T.J. Deci, All Game Guide

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How do i write a blog?

So i am sitting in the studio wondering what makes a blog so nice to read. I mean have to admit that i hav encountered some blogs of friends and some of complete strangers and i enjoy reading them. (look at links on your right) And i must say they are very entertaining and when i listen in on friends having conversations some of the names that pop up are names of these same people i know or read their blogs.

So my question is;

What makes a blog interesting?

Ok i notice these elements

---> Pictures
---> Your occasional video
---> Stupid entertaining stories about your friends
---> Very cute alternative words that drive your blog ala
---> Secrets
---> Information about oneself

Does the layout count? I mean obviously it does cos if you had a layout that was messy then no one would want to read it right? But content wise. Are blogs driven heavily on how many cool or cute pictures you can have on it?

Do you pick a topic and stick with that, which might get stale in later stages?

Ok what brought this around?

I read on that he got a writing job for a magazine because an editor stumbled on his blog. And likes the fact that he sometimes writes something controversial.

Well i could do that too... problem is

I don't care about controversy, politics, history or everything else that is controversial.

Unless i write about how my housemate seems to find new and innovative ways to leave his socks lying around.

I prefer to leave my friends private lives out of my blog cos i don't need their laundry hanging out in the open. Also cos they read this blog and might get a bit emo.

So if you have any ideas on how to spruce up this blog please lemme know. Or if you would like to pimp it... PLEASE DO.....or if you are an editor and need a free lance writer.... I NEED THE MONEY! email me *click*

Thank you and good night

notice i tried using colors and different color fonts. we shall see how it works

Monday, September 18, 2006

GO gunners

After 5 games of not having a win against MU and a very bad start to the English Premeir League Season, last night i had my moment of bliss. Yes Arsenal beat MU 1 - 0. And what added to the joy was the fact that Arsenal beat MU on their home turf! I know i know, MU fans wil be eating me up saying stuff like...

Enjoy it while it lasts
Have you won European cups before?
Have you ever won the treble? We got history

and a whole lot of other excuses that seem to sound like they come from some MU fans excuse handbook. Which brings me to another point. How come everytime MU loses i hear stuff like

We were unlucky
You guys cheated
We are the best
You guys are w**kers
Wait till next game

I mean why can't you accept the fact that you lost the game. And let life move one. Instead they will pent up that frustration till the point their team finally wins and scream down your ear with stuff like

You guys suck
We are the treble kings
We got history
You guys are w**kers.

I mean why can't we llive in the present instead of pulling out stats and history. If th same players played for your team 10 years and now then you can talk. But think about it. Some of the members of yoru squad are from other parts of the EPL or other leagues that you used to hate as well. Just let it be.

Arsenal won today and i hope we can do it again next time. But from now till then i shall enjoy my victory.

To all MU fans, nothing personal just a few people around me who have an excuse or a glory come back for every mistake/victory MU makes.

I wish you all the best of luck and see you at Emirates in a few months.

Sweet Victory

I love the anticipation of a big game. How rivalries between friend can get so heated up. How everyone has a theory like "We are gonna beat you guys cos you guys suck and we are gonna win the premiership!" and then when victory does not come their way "Don't worry you guys were lucky!" I mean how can you change your plan of attack after a loss. Can Malaysians just be good losers?? Well no matter what it is... Arsenal start to the season was bad. I admit. But they could have lost more than 3 games. But what counts is beating this team in their own house. *bliss*
Manchester United - Arsenal
0 - 1
Old Trafford

Need i say more?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The MIX Family

I realised that I have not introduced my new extended family. You've heard them on air but now i will give you the low down on what these ppl are really like.

Ika is a hottie. But behind those curls (not her real hair design by the way) Is actually a real cheecky playful woman. She sounds very profesional on air but she is just someone cool to talk to. Although you can see the effects of waking up every morning at 4.30. But still a sweetheart.

Richard is the coolest! He loves his diving and he loves his squash. THe way Richard is on air is exactly the way he is in real life. He is a walking joking chinaman. He can crack a joke any time. But he swears a lot obviously not on air la. As a matter of fact we all do off air

I love Shaz's voice. And she just became a mommy again. So she's got all this maternal instincts flowing out of her. I feel real comfy around her. And i feel like telling her all my problems. Well maybe not all.

Non is probably the most refined one among all of us. He looks good, dresses well, speaks well. No he is not gay la! I always seem to have some sort of weird conversations with him.

Natalie is a brand new entry to the MIX world. SHe is very bubbly and i love it everytime she tells me she doesn't know who or what these songs are. Give her a break la. She is young. 22 and single i might add.

Ross. The one man i can count on for some decent football chat and updates. The moment i walk into the studio it's football all the way. And we both play FOotball Manager 2006 and we spend lots of time analysing the game. It's wicked! One of the people that taught me a lot of what to do as a DJ. But he supports some useless football team.

Anu (also not her real hair) is the Asst. Programme Manager for MIX. She is also quite a chilli padi. But we sayang her. I am probably the last person she sees everyday cos she will come into the studio quite late (yes she works hard) to check on all the playlists for the night.

Mesh is the BOSS! Need i say more. He was also my boss when I was back in HITZ for awhile. He loves his squash and loves the occasional drink. He does all those voices for the Astro BOX OFFICE things you see and hear on tv.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My music video debut

So i was managing too phat and the rest of the phat family. We had a budget for the MTV so the producers asked me to be in it. THis is what i look like completely bald with no goatie. EEEEEWWW!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Amped & Dangerous

Before I continue on, I just wanna tell you a story. Before I became a radio DJ i worked for a company called Positive Tone which is owned by EMI. Our job was to try and make music in Malaysia just a lil bit more listenable. I mean we worked with acts like Too Phat, Poetic Ammo, Innuendo, Ruffedge, VE, Vince, John's Mistress (which i produced), Juliet the Orange and so much more. A few years back, my close friend Moots told me about an idea he had for a group. A lil bit Limp Bizkit and a lil bit Linkin Park. I was excited cos I was a big fan of both at the time. And once they showed me some of their ideas and demos I was hooked. Myself along with Izham Omar and Paul Moss knew at the time that these guys would be great!

Fast forward to the present and i look back and of all the artists i ever had the pleasure of signing and working with, Pop Shuvit is beyond a shadow of a doubt the proudest signing I ever made. As a note we had nothing to do with what they are today. I take no credit in making Pop Shuvit one of the biuggest acts to ever come out from Malaysia. Do you know they are bigger than Linkin Park in most parts of Japan! This is because the guys themselves are talented, matured, creative, passionate and disciplined.

Someday i see their progress and actually feel sad that I am not alongside them as their A&R Manager. But seeing them do what they do is very gratifying. I am proud to call these guys my friends and i am proud to have been a small part in the lives of Pop Shuvit.

Check out their brand new video "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". Just as a note. The evil looking clown in the beggining is my housemate Murat aka Ze German

Their new album Amped & Dangerous. PLease look out for it and spread the word on Pop Shuvit.

The 3rd album from Pop Shuvit titled 'Amped & Dangerous will be released on the 23rd of August in Japan. It will comprise of 17 tracks. The album was recorded over a period of 5 weeks at their own studio '2105 Productions. Malaysian fans will have to wait a while as the Malaysian release will only be targetted around the 4th Quarter of the year. The first single fro the album 'Pump Up The Stereo' is already on the airwaves and to be followed up soon with music videos for a Malaysian release.

If you want to know more please click on the link