Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Belated

Ok first of all, apologies for no updates. My place in Penang does not have WIFI and today is the first day I had some time to myself.

Anyways, updates are pretty bland. It was Christmas, it was celebrated and now it's over. Now to look forward to the new year.

By the way this weekend I will be in Queensbay Mall in Penang for a live broadcast from 12-4 pm So if you are in the area do come down and check it out.

Other than that life returns to normal on the 1st. But with a slight change. IF you want to know what it is, tune in to mixfm from 6 -10 am. Yes there is a surprise for all.

I got some pics but i forgot my connector so i can't upload the pics to my laptop. So i will try and do it soon.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pop Shuvit on Rolling Stones

As you might already know, I am a big fan of Pop Shuvit and also are good friends with them and I feel that they are currently the best and one of the most hard working bands in our country. They have done a lot for Malaysian music, and have done things outside of Malaysia that we are not even aware of. I hope that you will take the time to read this mass email that i received and do what needs to be done to help them. In fact i would appreciate if you would add this small email to your friendster, myspace, blogs, multiply or whatever it is you use to help our Malaysian bands. Believe me when i tell you that if anyone deserves it, it's Pop Shuvit.

Hi Friends!

We need your help once again. Rolling
Stones magazine in the USA is
doing a listing of the best 25 bands on
Myspace and Pop Shuvit has entered
into the list (which is among 1700
bands). But to actually get listed
as top 25, we need your help to comment
on us on the following website
address. Please comment on the site
stating that you think we deserve to
win, or that we should be top 25 on the
list; or something like that.

The address to comment is:
*click here*

If we are listed as top 25 , that means
we have a chance of breaking it
in the USA. So, please take 5 minutes
of your time and comment on us on
the website address above.

We appreciate your help! Please comment
before the 22nd December.

Pop Shuvit

Sunday, December 17, 2006


I believe in patience. It's just a small thing I do. Which is always try to be patient. Although i try and remember this word, somedays i am only human I get restless with my life. So in order to try and remember to patient. I had it tattooed on my body. My right leg to be exact.

There is a well known Chinese saying - "The character for patience has a knife over the heart". In other words, it is unwise to provoke a persons patience.

However the truly patient heart is a fir one. In the character, the "knife blade", bears down on the "heart", yet the heart perseveres and endures.

It can also be translated to "tolerance". The chinese language makes no distinction between this attribute and "patience" for the firm heart is also a tolerant one.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tiger FC

A few weeks ago we had a small party in the house of Mupiahs. It's a normal thing. Tiger FC did a home party for MU vs Bolton. So they bring food, booze and the big screen LCD and you basically watch the game and win stuff. Lots of fun. So the night ended and we decided to take some pictures. Have fun.

Ok so the first picture we had no clue what we were doing. So just let me introduce everyone. Left to right. Nazim, Pietro, Ash, Murat and John.

The idea was to be praying to me or something. But i guess it didn't really work.

Nazim doing his Ace Ventura Impersonation.

Did i mention there was booze at this party??????

Someone please tell Moots that there is no more booze!

And after we are done.... we rest!

And sometimes i sit back and wonder about the funny things in life

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

And its the big 30

It's hard to believe that i am 30. Ask my friends. I don't act like I am 30. But i guess it had to happen. But i guess the fortune teller was right. I got good things coming to me at 30. What you may ask. Well all will be revealed in due time.

Happy 30th Birthday Pietro

And it was Johns Birthday on the 5th as well. So we both blew out the other candle. The Flaming kind. Happy birthday John.