Monday, March 19, 2007

Pics of the Tornado

In case you didn't know, Mixfm is having a contest going on now for YOU to win up to RM500,000. It's called the mixfm cash tornado. Basically it's a wind tunnel where we stuff half a million in there and you have a limited amount of time to pick up as much as you can. What you catch is what you take home. Obviously it's not real money in there but we will count it out and write you a check.

The money is cool cos our faces on it. I am on the RM50 and RM 500 bills.
Anyway log on to to try and win a chance at it ok. Anyway here are some pictures of us over the weekend.

Look at your wholesome breakfast team. And the Cash tornado is at the back of us.

Thats Justin, Ika's Husband

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God of War 2

As you might already know I am a PS2 person. I love my video games. But the most ultimate game i have ever played is called "God of War". Now here is a sequel to the game which I can't wait to play. I was real upset when they said that the sequel was only going to be for th PS3. Which meant I would spend close to 3K to play the sequel.

But i was so relieved to know that God of War 2 will be released for the PS2 and it releases today!! Well at least in America. So I need to see when it reaches Malaysia. If you love your PS2 games. Please give "God of War" a chance.

Guess who i took a picture with!

If you don't know who Limp Bizkit is.... you are probably from another planet. Well their guitarist Wes Borland was in town over the weekend and I got to spend a lil bit of time with him. He was real busy talking to everybody but i managed to say hi and take a picture with him and just listen to the guy talk.
Now you might think he is a rock star, party animal and psycho. I got to tell you that he is a real down to earth nice guy. He was real obliging and a real cool guy. I used to be a real big Limp Bizkit fan so meeting him was surreal!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Free promo!

Ok her name is Andrea Fonseka. She is an ex-Miss Malaysia. She lives in Singapore. She is studying law. She is the face of Marie France and last but not least she is a good friend. And now she is gracing the cover of my favorite magazine. Obviously the Singapore version is a lil bit "better" but she will be in the Malaysian April Edition as well.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pietro doesn't want to wax his chest!

Ok if you haven't noticed yet, we hav a brand new game on the show called "Who wears the pants!" This is how it's played ok. We make a guy and girl go up against each other. We ask them each a question about the other sex. Whoever wins moves on to the next day and keeps going till friday for the grand prize. It doesn't matter if you won from monday till thursday. The one you got to look out for is the one on friday. Doesn't mean you can't keep trying all week.

Now here's the clincher! We are gonna run this game for a few months and at the end... if the girls win.... I HAVE TO WAX MY CHEST HAIR!... if the guys win.. well I will figure something out for the girls to do.. Equally painful.

So to all the men out there!!! Please tune in around 7.30 every morning and help me!!! For those of you with chest hair... you know exactly what I am talking about.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Pics of the godson

I went back to Penang over the Chinese New Year break and the best part about it that my sis was back for the holidays which means I could see my godson. Here are some pics of the lil rascal.