Thursday, February 23, 2006

Even heroes have the right to bleed.

The line is taken from Superman. It's freaking amazing how this song pops up in my life. Even last night when iw as going through an emo period, every song that played had meaning. And the icing on the cake was Superman. Walk in today for work and go through the list of songs i have to play and lo and behold.. there it is again.

Noticed that me and my friends are going through a slight slump in our lives. Emotionally. All of us are lost in one part of our lives. Emotionally, career, family, social. Was a drab night out with the gang. Cos everyones emo-ness rubbed off on each other. For me i am not sure what it is. Career is good, family is good, friends is good. I guess you have just reached a part of your life when you just want to find that someone and be happy i guess. But it's so hard to find that someone. That fits most of your criterias. Even the chemistry part comes with baggage.

Everyone says when youa re not looking for something then that is when it will come. But last nite i heard a new one. How can you find somehting youw ant if you don't look for it.. Something to ponder.

I guess just going through a funk now which will come out soon i suppose. Looking forward to the weekend cos it will be the first weekend after a month where i do not have any activities. So stay home and spend time with rfiends sounds good.

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Cynthia said...

hey dj pietro! LoL i always wanted to call u that :) anyhoos, hang in there! it's probably just one of those emo days where u keep looking for self flaws n wallow about it. humans are never content with themselves, n yet humans r never perfect.
but the thing is, it's called Emo Day for guys. for girls, it's called PMS. how unfair.

anw, mind me linking u to my blog? easier for me to clickey onto u :)
cya during the weekends :)