Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ok so i fumble sometimes online

Before i post what i wanna post I was teasing my friend Elaine that she leaves her MSN on all the time that I don't know if she was around when i message her. So i smsed her and found out she was out and I was teasing her that I was having an online conversation with her dog cuddles since she wasn't there. So i decided to send a couple of messaged like i was actually chatting to her doggie. I din realise that she was already home and she replies. I nearly jumped off my chair thinking that the dog had actually developed fingers instead of paws and also developed an inteligence to type!!!!! Not a cool trick to play. I must admit i freaked out for a full 2 seconds. Anyway she posted something on her blog and i thought i would share it.

got milk?
Pietro says:hey why were you smsing me if you were at home?

~*laineylashes*~ says:i was out
~*laineylashes*~ says:then i came home
Pietro says:oh ok
Pietro says:wah my timing was perfect eh
~*laineylashes*~ says:sorta hehehaha
Pietro says:anyway gonna go for a smoke now
~*laineylashes*~ says:wokays
Pietro says:talk to you in a bit
Pietro says:and my chocolate milk

pietro works too hard.
talk to me AND your chocolate milk?!!?
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