Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can't see the forest for the trees.

This saying means that you don't see things that are obviously right in front of you. Now some of you might think that this is a true statement. That sometimes its the things in front of you that will make the most impact in your life. Not so true after long evenings of thinking about stuff. It's not really looking at the forest but whats in it.

Basically trying not to sound to riddle bound, I am exploring new things in life. And i discovered that as a human being, life changes constantly and so does events. So what looks good know might not be the thing for you in a year.

Aiyah basicaly i am being fickled.

But here's the good news. LAst night I had to DJ in Velvet for their Mambo night for a little while. It was basically a short audition for me to be resident DJ in Zouks new club called Phuture. It will be open sometime in mid october. I will be there every friday and will be spinning a lot of Ol'Skool Hip Hop & R&B. And were talking really funky stuff ok. Not so much the "Yo Yo Wassup" stuff you hear now. So keep reading and I will update you when the time comes.

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