Thursday, December 11, 2008

These Foolish Games

So i have been back in the dating game for a while and I must admit i have met some amazing women. But i don't understand this whole playing hard to get deal. Or acting aloof. Why is that a woman can be so accomodating one dinner and so distant and cold the next. And then blame it back on you.

Not just a matter of personal experience but also just general talks with guys. And even some girls.

So some advice for women. If you like a guy, please la don't play so hard to get. Or maybe they are just not into you. Though I am sure this post is going to get some reactions eh.


Baldwin said...

totally agree...

some are jst playing hard to get so tht men will not think they're being 'cheap'..not realizing it really turn guys off.

flippingskirt said...

I get you there but men are like that as well. They just go DISAPPEARING act.

Gallivanter said...

They have to play hard to get, to separate the real ones from the fake ones. If they become easy, then it sets off a wrong impression.

So, women will always play hard to get. If you're think they're worth the fight, you fight. ;-)

LoLa said...

"dont hate the playa, hate the game"

aint that what they always say? ;P

Anonymous said...

it doesnt jus go like this with too play is a very natural thing- that comes or don't.

I think patience. faith & confidence will lead the path to -love- ;)

I used to get so sick of guys playin games too.. sometimes it takes time for someone to realise....if not. accordin to the book "He's just not that into u".... very simple :) & find someone who does....... hehe

MICHELLE said...

Just reading all your blogs, this reminds me the new released movie 'He's Just Not That Into You' like the above anonymous stated LOL

Do hope you have someone now ;)

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daryl said...

As a guy, you should chase her if you like her! She must have had a lot of guys cheating on her already if she's attractive and a real catch. She's waiting for a real GENTLEMAN who's confident to tell her what he likes her, not play games with her.