Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let it be

Dusting off the cobwebs of this blog while sitting on my balcony realising that life sometimes throws you curve balls and how things you never thought possible or never realised could be the best things to ever happen to someone.

Well the last few months I have been taken on a journey that i never dreamt i could possibly have imagined. I used to be a person that never really took life by the balls. But this time around life decided to take me on a journey. For the good or bad of it i do't know yet but for now i am along for the ride no matter where it takes me. Tonight tho, i decided to take a back seat and look around. (Wow Pietro is vivid)

When i sat back to see the view the song "Let it be" kept ringing in my head. Specificaly the line "There will be an answer". Am a little bit emotional after that thought. Because i know that there is no answers to immediate or urgent questions in life. But ultimately the answer will come. Whether you like it or not.

Somedays i wish there was more in life and somedays i am content with exactly with what i have today. But we all know that life is not that easy. LIke there is so much i want in life and yet no more i want in life. I am speaking riddles i know. Tells you the frame of mind i am in right now doesn't it.

Well maybe someday i will explain. For now i will keep it as my own thoughts.

CObwebs dusted slightly and hopefully more to go.

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Uncle Sam said...

And some days. We think of our lives. We have our moments where we reflect.

Life is interesting and straining at time. Unsure of what line we are standing.

But this is life. Simple yet complicated, complicated yet made so simple.

Take care big guy. =)