Monday, March 19, 2007

Pics of the Tornado

In case you didn't know, Mixfm is having a contest going on now for YOU to win up to RM500,000. It's called the mixfm cash tornado. Basically it's a wind tunnel where we stuff half a million in there and you have a limited amount of time to pick up as much as you can. What you catch is what you take home. Obviously it's not real money in there but we will count it out and write you a check.

The money is cool cos our faces on it. I am on the RM50 and RM 500 bills.
Anyway log on to to try and win a chance at it ok. Anyway here are some pictures of us over the weekend.

Look at your wholesome breakfast team. And the Cash tornado is at the back of us.

Thats Justin, Ika's Husband


Jasmine said...

new blogger? lol! welcome to the club pietro!

Sae Wei said...

Yo Dude.. you are great on the breakkie show.. Keep ud the good job!