Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pietro doesn't want to wax his chest!

Ok if you haven't noticed yet, we hav a brand new game on the show called "Who wears the pants!" This is how it's played ok. We make a guy and girl go up against each other. We ask them each a question about the other sex. Whoever wins moves on to the next day and keeps going till friday for the grand prize. It doesn't matter if you won from monday till thursday. The one you got to look out for is the one on friday. Doesn't mean you can't keep trying all week.

Now here's the clincher! We are gonna run this game for a few months and at the end... if the girls win.... I HAVE TO WAX MY CHEST HAIR!... if the guys win.. well I will figure something out for the girls to do.. Equally painful.

So to all the men out there!!! Please tune in around 7.30 every morning and help me!!! For those of you with chest hair... you know exactly what I am talking about.



Sabrina said...

You have to wax your chest hair?!?!

OMG!!! Hahaha all the best dear.

Liz said...

Something's that painful for a girl with beautiful locks will be to have it all SHAVED OFF!!! hehehehe..but don't think it's a fair punishment. Waxing won't be that bad trust me..hahahaha..Kaz said it didn't hurt at all during wedding morning. Hmm...maybe the losing female contestant should have to make your tea or coffee for one whole week...hehe..why on earth am i giving you suggestions? :P

KwazEe V3e said...

yeah i heard bout it on d radio =p kesian u..

changeiam said...

I heard it this morning. You definately need help bro cause waxing your chest hair sounds painful :D