Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Season is over!

WHat to do for the next few months? With the EPL season over there is not much to do but check out the transfer window. If you don't know what I am talking about, it's about football. So if you don't want to know i suggest you close this window now.

Arsenal had a dissapointing season this time round. Even their Coach Arsene Wenger said so. I must admit i agree. Sad. But thats the beauty of football. At the end of the season you start fresh again. With all the optimism in the world to watch your team go into battle.

And next year there is EURO!

But here is my prediction. Like every other season. No matter who wins the season... there will be new fans. Mark my words. In a few months everyone will be wearing an MU jersey. Watch! It's weird I have never seen so many Chelsea jerseys till about a year ago after they won the premiership. Sad. But hey to the true fans of each club.. I salute you. Good luck next season!


jackycheah said...

yo dude.. i've been a true MU fans since the Eric Cantona time.. i'm a true fans lo.. hehe

Doreen said...

there weren't any english games last saturday, and i was already fidgety waiting for sunday's games.

new MU fans are bound to sprout everywhere now. but it usually affects the younger kids right?

Michael said...

Well, the same bunch of bandwagon hoppers you see wearing the Chelsea jersey will start the coming season in Man Utd jersey.

But what to do, they are lost and have no direction.

But truly, there are real fans out there too who'd stick with their clubs thru the winning ways and the losing ways and not falter in their support.

GO MAN UTD! Can't wait for them to be in Malaysia.

Sunil said...

Season ain't over YET! :P