Sunday, May 27, 2007

The things i do for radio

In case you did not know. My morning show on Mix has a segment called "Who wears the pants" where a guy and a girl compete by answering questions about the opposite gender. The winner gets 1 point for the gender. At the end of an allocated time the losing gender has to perform a stunt. Now the guys lost which meant I had to wax my chest on live radio. Not only did we put it on radio but we video taped it as well.

So to all the men who contributed in my pain. Thank you. Word of advice. Don't wax your chest. Cos it does hurt. Take a look at the videos and amuse yourselves.

1 comment:

ninien said...

Oh my Gawd... u waxed??!?!?! ouch!!!!!!!!! yes it does hurt...