Thursday, June 07, 2007

Girl Power Camp

I had to host a Seventeen Magazine event called "Girls Power Camp". Basically it was about 250 teenage girls across the country who were handpicked to come to this camp and on one of the nights they had a talent show and a small tea dance kind of party which was dj'ed by me.

But when i walked into the hall, i was real surprised that the organisers were not kidding when they said the girls were living in the hall that the party was going to be.

These are all their clothes and towels that were on the other end of the hall. Other than the sound dudes i was the only guy in that hall of girls. Ordinarily you would be thrilled but i was more surprised than anything else.


Liz said...

Organised by Sunway University College and supported by Seventeen magazine. 205 girls, 15-17 years, self-registered for the camp, 2nd year running and yes, it's quite a room full of estrogen running high..haha

DF said...

How interesting... I knew that hall a look a bit too familiar (cos i was a Sunway student).

faithfoo said...

hi, do drop by i did put up some link and you can read about the gal talking about you. ;)