Friday, June 29, 2007

Transformers Review

Ok so I was one of the lucky people to watch the premiere of Transformers. I just got to say that Michael Bay and Spielberg teaming up was amazing. The CGI was great. They really made the Transformers come to life. But i must admit i did not enjoy watching it that night cos i was real tired. And it was 2 and half hours long. But all in all you got to check it out. As i plan to do so on another day when i get enough rest.

But here's the best part. Not only was it awesome to hear Optimus Primes voice again and see him transform, you get an extra eye candy with Megan Fox


sabrina said...

I thought the movie was toooooooooooo long :s

obefiend said...

i tot the movie was utter bile! wee... lookit me.. im a huge intergalactic robot.. i shoot WMD outta my ass and gee guess what? i can't stand cold vapors... im like a malaysian in antartica.. sejuk a bit and I die!! seriously.. who wrote the screenplay?