Friday, September 07, 2007


I got this email from Davina Goh. And I feel very strongly about it. So please help support.

I would like to express grave concern over the aforemntioned competition that is highlighted at the council's website:

I am shocked and appalled that such an event has been organized by people who have authority! - people whom we, by default, have put our trust in at making sound, logical decisions for the community. than The dog problem is due to the Council's own irresponsibility and couldn't-care-less attitude to begin with, and for them to turn the situation into a game is, in my honest opinion, downright ridiculous. Without any rules protecting the welfare of dogs and participants, the competition is only going to encourage: - cruelty to animals- the risk of injury to participants- pet theftAnd what the Council is going to do with the all the live dogs once the competition is over, I feel that we as Malaysian citizens have the right to know and scrutinize if need be. There are so many more better and more civilised methods of handling the situation. For example, why don't they use the intended prize money for more constructive purposes, like funding for the development of more animal homes, or supporting current shelters like the Furry Friends Farm (, SPCA or PAWS?

I strongly urge Mix FM to highlight this concern, as I know many others who are already infuriated just by finding out about this via the internet, and want to put an end to the competition before the animal abuse and pet theft rate in Selayang go sky high.
Davina Goh


Jo said...

y just dogs? what happened to all the stray cats? why not have a competition for that too?
and don't forget the rats, and cockroaches?

Shu Yi aka Sherry aka hippo said...

Hey, there is this online petition going on in about this dog catching contest. I really think they should stop this contest, its so inhumane.