Thursday, September 06, 2007

Unity Band TV Ad

My best friend Cheong Heng Ho or more affectionately known to his close friends as "Ah Siau" directed this tv ad and I had the pleasure of being one of his talents. In case you were wondering which dude i am. I am the first guy that talks alot and the "chup" guy.




NuRLyaNa said...

Pietro!! It's me again....I want one of those bands... hehe. You are for sure going to get a restraining order against me soon..

sAbrina said...

Ah Siao directed this TV ad? What is his day job?

alanbernard said...

I find Chup being the most universally used in this country, the rest of it just fragments here and there. I gotta say tho, it's a really impressive ad and one of the better ones in recent times.

Kudos to the director.

pointe said...

Great ad Pietro! I think you have a wonderful personality for both radio and tv. :)

Dawn said...

LOVE IT!!!! i like the music composition as well and the editing. and edwin is so funny in the middle..and the last girl with the fringe.. i did a fashion show with her last month.. cute girl.