Friday, December 02, 2005

I cracked my bones!

Well actually the chiropractor did. And all i got to say is that it was amazing!! Heavenly. I mean feel it. Someone cracking your back. Getting all the knots out. Sigh. "craaack"!!!! I actually sleep much better now after my first visit but have one more next week. Thanks Dr. Kate, and thanks Claude for giving me the number.

Haven't been doing much lately. Wake up.. food.. foosball.. work. Normal routine. But i must admit it is catching up on me incredibly. As in i am getting too old for this.

Lots of problems also going around in my head. But as they say life's a bitch.

Went for a movie premiere today "Aeon Flux" I would love to give you a run down on the movie but the movie was a bit too slow moving in the beginning thati fell asleep as how i would in most movies anyway. So no review for this movie. Am looking so forward to watching King Kong though. Definetely won't sleep through that one!

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