Monday, December 26, 2005

Chestnuts Roasting...

Yes we all know that song. The Christmas week was a blur. I got back on TUesday evening and immediately did my normal crusade to Batu Ferringhi to stock up. Was not really a good few days in Penang cos I was nursing a flu and had bad case of rashes. Which subsided thank god by X'mas Eve. But that did not stop me from partying. Went to the happening stretch of Penang clubs with Lorna.Went into a club and bumped into Liang and of all people performing there that night Jaclyn Victor. Was fun hanging out with ehr for awhile. Then headed over to SS to catch up with Leroy and Jack for a bit.

Friday was cool. Jakeman was spining in one of the clubs in Penang so i went there along with Moots and Irene. Next day took the couple shopping for a bit before heading home for x'mas dinner and then it was off to church. Immaculate Conception Church ahd a Pantomim which is basically a christmas play. Very well done.

Bumped into some old friends. Good stuff.

Christmas Day was nice. I slept the whole day! Was crazy. I just kept going in and out of sleep.

So the holiday was basically very quick la. Before you knew it it was over. ANd it's back to the land of the living.

Got to concentrate on moving now.

New year, new home, new hopes, new dreams, new aspiration and definetely new and more crap!

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