Sunday, December 11, 2005

What a week!

Ok this week has been one prom after another. Not much of a birthday celebration. Wednesday night has dinner with the gang at Modestos Hartamas. Sort of a post birthday thingie. Brazilian Barbeque. All you can eat. Yeah Meats!

Thursday was another Prom Invasion. Sekolah Bukit Maluri or somehting like that. It was fun la. I was spinning for them till about midnight. Which was a bit screwed cos I worked Morning Crew the next morning. Surprisingly could wake on time and did not feel all that sleepy. Morning Crew with Rudy was cool la! Then we did some gotcha calls which was fun. We tried it on Jess, Murat and Dhanya. I must say i have intelligent friends cos it was not easy to get them at all! But it was fun tho.

Friday night i had to do another prom. FOr Sri Aman school. It was a favor for a friends lil cousin. Casey thanks for calling me to do it. But i must say the whole structure of the night was not planned out very well and I had to throw in some of my ideas to get the night going smoother. Then it was off to meet the gang in Heritage Row. Was cool la. Jess brought her cousins which was very very cute But alas she is engaged. Story of my life! Hahahah. Some of the clubs were being raided which was a bit of a party pooper. Headed home about 4 am. Then it was shower and off to work. Yes you must think I am nuts. Shift was till 11 am and i was supposed to Interview Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys. But in the end it was cancelled cos the boys were stuck in an airport that was snowed in so the interview was postponed. Stayed at work till almost 1 cos me and Phat Fabes were planning an outing in a few days. Can't wait. Just the guys and lots of fun.

Tonight we had a small BBQ in Murats place again. Sort of a farewell to his apartment and a minor birthday celebrtation for me. Sooooo many people. But it was fun. Ended up watching football in his apartment. Arsenal lost!

ALl in all it's been a real busy week which is good and got lots of my mind. Next week i am looking forward to watching King Kong! Woo hoo. But i got to focus on morning crew for the next few days. Which will be good although it seriously throws my body clock out of whack again.

Am gonna try and take it easy today and even just stay at home. Even though i know ultimately i will go out la. Probably call one of the guys or gals to have dinner and then go home and try and get some sleep.

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