Monday, April 24, 2006

Betrayal in the House on THe Haunted Hill

No no everything is fine in my house. But me and thew guys discovered a brand new board game. The title is as above. It's an amazing game. Will give you the creeps a lil bit but still very cool. ANd the best part of this game is everytime you play it, the games concept is different. It's a game where you can really think and the best part of the game is that someone at the table will end up betraying you all!!!

The weekend was good. Spent most of the Saturday afternoon shopping in Sungai Wang. Trying to locate some nice plain colored long sleeve t-shirts. Anyone know where i can get em? Especially in my size and in a very nice cotton material. Let me know.

Then it was off to pick Jo up and we had some food. Finally checked out SevenAteNine. It's at the Ascott. Very nice chill place. Go check it out when you can.

Sunday was fun man. TIring but very fun. It was the day we gave away UP TO 1,000,000 bucks. WHole day in 1 utama. The kid picked up about 50K. Hey gimme 50K anyday man.

Then it was off to go play foosball with The Click 5 in breakers. Was pretty cool but after a long day like that i was just dying to go home and take off my shoes and and chill out.

SO thats what i ended up doing. Chilling out and passing out till the morning.

This week is nerve wrecking for me cos it's the decider of whether or not Arsenal will make it to the Champions League Finals and of course who they will be facing.

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