Friday, May 05, 2006

Pics taken from my new phone

Notice I have not blogged for a bit so i thought i would share some photos taken from my new phone.

Me and one of my closer friends Melati. She's off in Australia somewhere now

Taking a nap at work. Please don't tell my boss

Joanne and mysel at Velvet. We were actually taking a picture on her camera but somone snapped our pic with my camera at the same time. So son't think we actually posed for this.

Props to KL.

I was bored just before work so I took Adams sunnies and tried them on.

Homeboy Ean and I at the Projet Million Ringgit Beats Event.

Yo Yo!!

Finally know what it feels like to hold about 60 grand. Even though it was speciment money.

Yeah baybee. I am rolling in moolah!!

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