Monday, May 08, 2006

Chef Pierre loves Arsenal!!!

We had some leftover burger patties from last night and i was not satisfied with the barbeque yesterday. SO i decided to cook em up again. It was fun preparing and cooking 3 stoves at once. So made burgers with special onion garnishing. Dill pickles. Scrambled eggs and baked beans (not in picture).

THen it was of for a game or 2 of betrayal with the boys. Jon, Moots, Murat, Rajan, Ash and Riza.

However I was not really concentrating much cos there was an important Arsenal game going on. Ok lets break it down. Arsenal had to win and Tottenham had to draw with West Ham in order for Arsenal to qualify for Champions League next season. Now West Ham is not a strong team and Tottenham have been quite good all season. But lo and behold at the last game. Tottenham lost and of course Arsenal won!!!! WHich means all that crap i been getting from Tottenham fans all season has come to an end and i got bragging rights till next season. Hahahaha. The feeling is awesome!!!

The man who made it happen Arsene Wenger. Manager/Coach of Arsenal

Also took a walk to Borneo Ink today and finally decided which tattoo i am getting. So expect to see me with one by the 24th of May.

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