Monday, December 11, 2006

Tiger FC

A few weeks ago we had a small party in the house of Mupiahs. It's a normal thing. Tiger FC did a home party for MU vs Bolton. So they bring food, booze and the big screen LCD and you basically watch the game and win stuff. Lots of fun. So the night ended and we decided to take some pictures. Have fun.

Ok so the first picture we had no clue what we were doing. So just let me introduce everyone. Left to right. Nazim, Pietro, Ash, Murat and John.

The idea was to be praying to me or something. But i guess it didn't really work.

Nazim doing his Ace Ventura Impersonation.

Did i mention there was booze at this party??????

Someone please tell Moots that there is no more booze!

And after we are done.... we rest!

And sometimes i sit back and wonder about the funny things in life

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