Wednesday, December 06, 2006

And its the big 30

It's hard to believe that i am 30. Ask my friends. I don't act like I am 30. But i guess it had to happen. But i guess the fortune teller was right. I got good things coming to me at 30. What you may ask. Well all will be revealed in due time.

Happy 30th Birthday Pietro

And it was Johns Birthday on the 5th as well. So we both blew out the other candle. The Flaming kind. Happy birthday John.


EveLYn said...

hey big buddy. happy sweet and sour birthday. bear hug. take care.

Evelyn all the way from Penang

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Baby Brother. Etienne sent you a bday message via e-mail. Read it and be amazed by the SpellMaster!!