Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Arsenal kicks ass!!

I don't care if MU (who?) wins the premiership! These are the facts. 2 games played this season. Home and away. Arsenal beat them both times. I don't care what the MU fans have to say. Luck, fluke, cheating. Sigh you guys come up with every reason to rationalise your loss. Fact is we beat you guys twice. And i know someone is going to say that Mu beat Arsenal for their 50th winning streak. Does it matter? It's called the "past". Live in the present. I love the way MU fans pull out historical facts all the time. UNless you had the same team 30 years ago then you can talk la. Fact is you lost. Except the fact. Lift the cup for all I care. We won! Arsenal fans be proud! But i am sure you MU (who?) fans will have some sort of negative retort. As always. I actually smsed a friend with the words "Good game". And the reply was "You f******g cheaters! You won by luck, this you great issit? Your team ain't s**t!" I mean c'mon la. Lose lose la! Granted not all fans are like that. Bur still. If you lost and it was a good game then leave it.

But if they had won i would have gotten a bombardment of sms's with "Your team ain't s**t! We are the best bla bla bla......"

Be proud Gunners!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pietro aka Gunner,
Arsene'l best isn't good enough to topple MU for the championship my fren. I think you only had a feel good factor on beating MU or rather a small consolation i would say...still trailing 17 points!

Twisted Abomination said...

Sigh, Typical reply. Can't you read. I don't care about the premiership. I just care we beat you twice. And of course. Once in your own home turf. Say what you want but I am happy