Monday, January 08, 2007

You can have breakfast with me every morning

Ok latest development in life.

If you tune in to every weekday morning from 6 - 10 am you can hear Ika, Serena C and myself. Yeah we have taken over the morning airwaves. So please tune in ok. Lots of things to give away.

Other than that, because of the morning shift, i have to be in by 5 am which mean waking up at about 4 am everyday. Which is horrid cos for the last 13 years of my life, I have been falling asleep at 4 am. So my body is taking a big toll right now.

But all for the love of Radio i guess.

So anyway 2007 is here and I am working on my year in 2006. Like telling you all the things I went through last year. But yeah thanks for the new shift I have changed life a lil bit and therefore timing is a bit tight.

Imagine me being in bed by 9 pm every night. Sigh! There goes me watching Super Sunday football matches and Champions League.

So please tune in and email me your comments on the show.


1 comment:

Brown Sugar said...

Keep your chin up. May you have a brilliant year ahead.