Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I met Akon!

Check out his bling!!! He has a Perdana around his neck man!


For E.S.E. said...

Hello Piet!
It's been years since I last saw you. Good to know all is going well and dandy! The Breakfast Show is really good, I enjoy listening too every morning when I drive to work!
Far out- great you got to meet Akon. I'm not a fan though. But Jason & I are going to Boyz II Men sans baby..! Yes, I'm a mother now! :) We might bump into you there, if you're going!
Say hi to the rest of the boys for me, namely Moots, Jimbo etc. I lost touch with everyone after the Big Split in 2001...? :)
Take care, man.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just something which I wonder, not sure if it's appropriate to leave as a comment here. What's with this "DJ Hopping"? As in, I realize that there are many DJs who work from one radio station to another and it changes quite frequently recently. Like, Serena C and you were frm Hitz, and now moved to Mix, Adam C and Natalie moved from Fly to Hitz, whereas Phat Fabes went on to Fly. Is it a must or is it some thing which is willing or is it a trend or who-knows-what-else-reasons? =)


Dawn said...

Awesome! too bad i missed his event at Ruums... glad y'all had fun

Learson said...

I'm sure I saw Akon featured at