Sunday, February 04, 2007

And Pietro Rants again

Ok most of you know i hardly rant but it just seemed like a good idea.

But before i go there. Here are some updates.

Boyz to Men was great! I mean how often do you see performers you grew up loving, ten feet away from you. It was great! It was up in Genting. And coming down, my brakes burnt out. Yeah it was kinda screwy cos I had to go all the way up again and get em fixed and then the paranoia of coming back down was crazy.

Me and Murat have adopted a lil pup. Now supposedly everyone is telling me she is a Jack Russel but i think that she is mixed with a Jack Russel. But she definetely has the energy, playfulness and being michevious as much as they tell me that breed is. Anyway her name is Tequila.

Also I have accepted a part time lecturing job at KDU PJ teaching radio. Wow. Pietro a lecturer eh. Well if you didn't know this. I was a lecturer about 9 years ago. For about a year. I start at the end of the month.

Ok here comes the rants. I spent the morning taking some pictures of her and spent the other half of the day searching for the damn cable for my camera. Nope still have not found it. And now i am hoping that my phone connects to my laptop so i can at least use those pics.

Well i guess i will update you as it goes along.

Till then. Chinese New Year on the way.

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