Thursday, February 08, 2007

Congrats Bernstein & Chandini

It's always great seeing my friends get married. But it's also scary cos almost all my friends are hitched. And the question is always... "When's your turn?"... the answer is ..... "I will let you know".

Anyway Congrats Ben and Chan, They been together for 13 years before they tied the knot. And if you know ben the way I know him. He is probably the last living boy scout. As in he is a real straight arrow. I've known the guy since i was 6 years old and have stayed close to him even though i lost touch with him while he was in America.

The Penang Guys. I was in the same Sunday School with Patrick (in blue) and Ben since we were 7.

The beautiful couple. (Make lots of babies!!)


kelly said...

hey pietro
looked what i stumbled upon on yr blog... pics from bernstein's wedding plus a few familiar faces like patrick, joanne, glen & eileen (all in the penang guys pic)...
i havent seen bernstein since he left for usa... imagine being in the same youth group as him when i was young. :)
good to see the pics

Twisted Abomination said...


DO i know you??