Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Long awaited post on sadness

2 weeks ago i was living in dread when the sports headlines read "Henry to Barca?" And i thought to myself. Yeah of course clubs will be going for the great Thierry Henry. And it happens every year that there are offers for him to leave Arsenal. But as usual i would brush it off. But as the days went, the man that made me fall in love with the game and support the team I love is leaving for another club.

What a day it was. And of course you will get all the sms's going.. "So how?", "Arsenal is going down!" Even the occasional .. "Would you like to support my team?" Yes it's true the man is a great player and will be missed. And definetely the team will feel the pinch of missing one of the best strikers in the world. But we all know this. The team is not made of one man.

So with the new season coming upon us, I will be looking forward to seeing my favorite team move forward and prove their worth.

The only consolation I have is that Henry leaves to my favorite Spanish team, although I never am able to catch them playing, instead of to another English team.

So Thierry, thanks for the memories man. You will be missed.


dj_Chong said...

Is true, Henry is a great player. I will miss him so much as he will not playing in Champion League any more (in the short time)

But, I am so happy to know that, Henry gets the chance to leave, rather than sitting on and watching other players to perform on the field. He is a good player, so, it's a waste if he keep staying in Arsernal!

So, let's us wish him with all the best wishes.
All the best, Henry!

(P/S: Pietro, this is the first time I read your blog, I did prefer to read your blog straightly from Mixfm's webpage, but, what to do, as you already have your blog here. Anyway, it is a good blog, keep going on!)

Kelvin said...

Yup, i have to agree with you. No doubt, he is the best and most exciting player on the field. Anyway, have to thank him for all the sweet successes and memories he brings to Arsenal especially during the unbeatables season...Thanks again Big man..all the best to him and Barcelona...

Sunil said...

Dude no team is a one man show. Arsenal got the young guns coming up. Wenger goes then you have a problem.