Friday, July 06, 2007


Mac or PC?? Help!


Michael Yip said...

dude, go for MAC!!!!!! Go for the Powerbook with the 21inch screen.

Corey said...

MAC dude. MAC all the way. unless your are a hardcore PC gamer, MAC wins hands down.

obefiend said...

mac? mac are for chumps. the only reason why people use mac in the first place is to look cool or different. the thing is mr DJ it all boils down to one thing. would like a cool looking thing that is expensive or a functional machine which cost 1/3 less with better machine spec?

i hate macs and i dunnow hy people bend over backword to be seen with a mac. prolly wanna match it with their "cool" ipod and iphones. god.. so shallow meh! by the way pietro.. i love ur show..

CatsTail said...

maccers wei~!! cheaper, more reliable, less viruses, and nicer looking too