Monday, July 23, 2007

Pietro does the "un-bra"

So Joanne's got married. By the way congrats Albertus and Adeline. So i was in Alor Star a few weeks ago. This ia what I got to say about the place. Nice, quiet, clean air and no jams!

So after the wedding dinner we adjourned to the wedding couples room for the after party where Pietro found something that amused him. If you don't know..... small and weird things make me happy.

It's called the "un-bra". It's a very soft rubbery, gelatin like substance. Kinda squishy and feels real weird. But here is how it works. You apply some water on the inner side of the cup and attach it to your breasts...(did i say attach?) And with the water it kinda sucks up your breasts and sticks. (Remember those toys as a kid where you throw it on the wall and slowly slides down?) So this contraption amazed the hell out of me!
So here i am examining the product wondering how someone came up with this!

Then i thought. Hey i could have fun with this thing! It's a bugs life man!

And a bad impression of mickey mouse.

Photos courtesy of Adeline and Albertus


Elspeth said...

Hahaha..u so cute with that thing!!

KwazEe V3e said...

hahaha pietro!!! what lar u..

Annice said...


Cute Little Piggy said...

hahaha fattest mickey ever hahahha J/K