Monday, January 02, 2006

Welcome 2006

Ok heres the update. Obviouslyi Have not added anything till just after x'mas so I shall jot them down here. Year End Jamz Party @ Zouk
Well we had a massive party in Zouk. It was amazing. I felt like a rap superstar. Once the jakeman hit the decks me and Ean took our mics and went into the crowd and partied hard. It was amazing night. I think that was the hardest i partied the whole year! Plus i got to spin in Zouks main room for an hour. Ok most of you will not get the gravity of this occasion for me. To be able to spin in one of the hottest clubs in town to a packed dancefloor and having everyone bump to your jams. Everytime i looked at the crowd i was awe strucked.

Moving house/worst day of 2005
Yes i am officially living in my new house. But the move was the worst. First of all the mover guy came 4 hours late. ANd when he finally arrived he had brought the wrong lorry. It was way too small to carry all my stuff. SO i brought the essentials. So we put everything into the lift. Then it happened. The lift jammed! Finally after 20 mins we got the lift moving again. So we loaded the stuff in the lorry. And the rain came down. Guess what?! Nothing to cover up my bed! So i now have a water bed! Managed ti rush to the new house to meet the security guys to fix the new gate remotes. Oh yeah i was trying to rush but the lorry driver was driving at like 30KMs. My god!

New years Eve
Yes the night of party. I was stuck in the studio till midnight doing the countdown show. It was awesome cos i got to wish thousands of ppl on air at once. Thought i would have an easy eve so i headed down to breakers. Walked in and had the manager come up to me and ask me to dj cos the dj just picked up and left. So i partied in the consle for 3 hours. It was hot! I had so much of fun. Then off too another club in Sri Damansara where a friend was spinning till 7 am. Then went home to sleep in my brand new house.

Lots of hopes for 2006 and lots of things to look forward too. I wish you all the best of luck, health, love and joy.

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