Friday, June 23, 2006

Day 4

So it's day 4 on I must say i am a bit sad. Especially since i will be missing the party in Penang. But to look forward and enjoy whats gonna come to me is what i have to focus on. It's been interesting tho listening to the songs on mix is pretty cool. I know every single one of them. But the next interesting is getting calls from some listeners. A typical call now sounds like this

pietro: mix hello!
listener: is this mix?
pietro: yes it is
listener: is this pietro?
pietro: yes it is
listener: uhm i'm confused.

It's funny

But I am going to take full advantage of this weekend. Since I will have the house to myself I plan to veg in front of the tv all of Saturday and watch Season 1 of LOST. Yeah yeah i know. Now only watch?! Well i was trying to finish my CSI, CSI Miami and CSI NY and not forgetting Smallville. Geez can't Clark just tell Lois and get together and be happy!

So yeah Season 1 of Lost this weekend. Am also looking forward to the Black Party.

Anyway i was in the office today and i had a good 4 hours to kill so i decided to start off with bugging the people in the office. I ended collecting stuff toys and put them in a interesting position. Picture below. Pay attention to the Dog that was just watching. Yes those stuffed toys wil never be the same again.

Pietro you are one sick puppy. What to do. Anything that amuses me.

Also i did some editing on the "gangster"-ish picture. take a look.


piffles said...

Black Party? tonite? that one? =P

Twisted Abomination said...

Yes piffles that one. Just decided that i might not go. But if i do go please come say hi

TwoHands said...

hi piet,

you were missed at the beach party in penang =(

we were wondering why you didn't come along. it was good, but didn't rock da haus as the one in malacca did, somemore rained almost the entire day=(

believe me, you were missed.