Sunday, June 11, 2006

From HITZ to MIX

Ok I guess I can let the news out. Starting the 19th of June I willbe moved to, 94.5 in the klang valley. The move is a good thing for me. Even though i will miss the hype of Hitz and the energy. I will bring over the same energy to So stay tuned cos I will be on every weekday night from 8 - 12. Hope you guys tune in.

I am looking real forward to the move cos there are so many reasons why this is a good thing and the one thing that leaves me with a heavy heart is the team that I have grown to love and learn to support. THe picture was taken on Friday for promotion purposes and because of my move in a few days i was ommited from it. It was only then it hit me then I would probably never step foot on the same stage with these great people under the banner of for a long time.

Malaysia's no 1. radio jocks. Ya'll better recognise!


Queen Shivani, bow down losers. said...

it would be very emo for me to go "HOMG YOUR LEAVING HITZ X_X" but i cant help it.


ah well, at least its good for you, and at least you'll still be funny you that everyone ohsoloves.

Cheryl said...

Its least the time slot in is good. Better than 2am - 6am in hitz. However,i guess u'll be missing the crews in hitz so much...All da best!!!

Twisted Abomination said...

THanks glitter. I noticed you were at the sunway lagoon show as well by the pics you had of Adam sleeping

Brown Sugar said...

Hey keep up the good work. I love your show.

Queen Shivani, bow down losers. said...

i couldnt help taking that picture. he looks ohsopanas when he sleeps. ONLY when he sleeps. other than that he's just a skinny white boy lol. and yeah, i was at ss acting ohsocrazy. you rocked there tho. yes i know im terribly sweet. i cant stand it as well. modesty was just never in me lol.

Anti-Cheese said...

You got fired!
Face it, you don't suit!