Thursday, June 15, 2006

The updates!

Ok due to popular demand for certain people who say i don't write enough and constantly put pic with not much of a story to go with. I shall update with more details on life.

Work wise, today was my first meeting with the team. Basically we looked through some results which surprisingly is pretty good and it's my job to make it even better. I have to sit in with Eka tonight for her to show me the ropes. I am looking forward to it alot. The only drawback about the new slot is that I will work every evening from 8 till midnight. So my social life is at a halt. Not that it was that amazing in the first place. Basically, the show currently is based on dedications but the bosses want me to turn that around so it might become some sort of "Dear Thelma" slot where i "try" to offer some advice.

I got a confirmation for a shoe endorsement with ECKO UNLIMITED which i am real excited about. It would officially be my first endorsement. And the best part is i love the brand so much. If you guys are not to sure about the brand it is the number 1 hip hop shoe brand in the US. Even bigger than Phat Farm, FUBU and the rest.

Other than these 2 major events in my life, it remains nice and calm. AM looking forward to the weekend cos I will get to hopefully play some foosball. The world cup has really been the center of attention for me. The highlight of my day is to go home and fill up all the scores on my world cup spreadsheet which i downloaded from

What else do you want to know?


Brown Sugar said...

Hey good luck with the new job. I'm sure you'll rock.

Jo said...

What else do I want to know??

What colour boxers are u wearing today?;)

Twisted Abomination said...

Black with red stripes. Very sexy