Monday, June 19, 2006

More pics from Riza & Fara's Wedding

Another one bites the dust. Well our friend Riza and Fara got married a few days ago but tonight was the official celebration for friends and family. I must say i was surprised by the turnout. I think Riza mentioned 900 people. It was a good night cos it's not very often that me and my friends get to "mack" up. Hence so many pictures. But the dinner was a pleasant one. We gave Riza some crap as he walked down the aisle. Something along the lines of screaming "You can do it!"

The entertainment for the night was interesting. They had the wedding singers but as a side show they had the Malaysian Bhangra Association to perform as well. And that went on till the end as we exited the hall. Was very interesting.

Weddings always gives me that fuzzy feeling. Even thinking of my own which hopefully is not too far away. But i would imagine it would be nice to see all my friends there with me on one fo the most important days of my life.

So enjoy the pictures below.

"You talking to me?"
left to right - lil jon, rudy sticks, relaxed ash, murali moots, takesh the jap, ean montana, murat ze german, hook ups eric and Mixed Pietro

From the house of Mupiahs

The beautiful couple

Trust me we are trouble

See even the camera man was shaking. But i love the effect

Even the overlords must sit.

Pietro and Ean. Never be to heard on the same airspace ever again

Time to leave

Sometimes it's good not to stare at the camera


Jo said...

major modelling going on man! looking sharp boys... looking sharp! *slurp*

Anonymous said...

Rudy soooo ensem ...:)

Anonymous said...

Petey, all the best of luck at MIX - i'm sure you'll have a great time! Thanks for being there at my wedding.... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! ok too emotional. The Riz