Tuesday, August 29, 2006

140 things you need to know about me

Once again thanks Michelle for this

1) im a saggitarian
2. i'm 29 about to turn 30
3. 175cm is my height
4. foosball is my passion
5. music makes me smile
6. nasi kandar addict
7. Gameholic
8. love mommies cooking
9. i eat when i am hungry
10.i laugh only if it's really funny
11. Drive a satria
12. i have a fetish for gadgets
13. I love freezing weather
14. I work in Mixfm
15. I am a radio dj in case you didn't get it
16. I hate boring British Movies
17. I love a good comedy
18. I used to a club dj
19. Deejaying in a club is like a drug to me.
20. I gave up a lot vices after quitting club deejaying. (i said a lot not all)
21. Have 2 tattos
22. Love watching stand up comedy
23. I give good advice (i think, depends if you want to take it or not)
24. Hate hypcrites
25. In a relationship (she;s a keeper)
26. Baby of the family
27. I'm Mixed. Phillipino Chinese and Portugese
28. Love animals (I wish i could have a pet bengal tiger)
29. The most drunk i have been is on my 21st birthday
30. I hate noisy clubs
31. i love watching any movie with the wayans brothers
32. Fort Minor is da bomb!
33. I used to work as a recording label manager for Positive Tone
34. Learnt everything i know about music business from Izham Omar and Paul Moss
35. i drink occasionally
36. i like quite places
37. would like to produce my own music
38. My dream car is a Dodge Ram
39. I play football manager 2006 every single day
40. I cheat on it (sometimes)
41. I am from Penang
42. Born in Klang
43. i'm arrogant
44. i hate tardiness
45. i dont wanabess
46. i fall asleep at the movies
47. i have 2 housemates
48. i hate incompetance
49. i have 1 fake tooth
50. i have a degree in sound enginering
51. i cannot sleep early
52. i can get by on 3 hours of sleep a day
53. I don't smile a lot
54. I care alot about my close friends
55. I only have very few friends i can trust with my life
56. i act in this thing called "speak english la"
57. i'm catholic
58. i have complete faith in God
59. i am very patient
60. i used to swim for the penang junior team
61, i live in KL
62. i hate james blunt
63. i hate coldplay
64. i have seen the bad side of local celebs
65. i have seen the REALLY bad side
66. i change handphones alot
67. i want a new laptop
68. Ex student of Saint Xaviers Penang
69. I like watching teen flicks
70. Only drink teh o ais limau in a mamak
71. I love japanese food
72. love hot and powerful showers
73. I support Arsenal
74. I support France
75. i love hip hop
76. big fan of brian mcknight
77. love my ps2
78. i wouldn't mind going back to school
79. 80 percent of my clothes are black or white
80. hate shaving
81. I like some real good acid jazz
82. i think elvis is still alive
83. I like reading blogs
84. I keep quiet when i am cranky
85. Ppl say i don't smile enough
86. Not to bothered about what others think of me
87. Am a bit of a hard head
88. I always hang out in breakers sri hartamas
89. I miss my old job
90. i think chivalry is dead
91. i hate celebrating my birthday
92. I just became a godfather
93. Want a nice motorbike
94. i have a licence that allows me to ride any motorbike in the world
95. I can snore myself awake (once in awhile)
96. THink malaysians are bad drivers
97. Malaysian are too complacent
98. i am very close to my mom
99. I hardly regret anything
100. I gave up a job with Geroge Lucas for Nasi Kandar
101. i have never lost my wallet (touch wood)
102. I want to study psychology
103. I miss my high school days
104. Close friends are hard to find
105. I loved Voltron & Thundercats
106. okok even Jem and the Holograms
107. I have been very lucky with jobs i have wanted
108. Blood is thicker than water any day
109. I love my curries
110. i think archie comics are great toilet reading
111. so are mad magazines
112. big fan of the ultimate warrior
113. Bulldog has the best english food ever
114. Big cheap is good
115. Not really a dessert person
116. Hate driving
117. i can't wear contacts
118. wear US size 9 shoes
119. love my GUiness
120. i've sat in schumachers ferrari before
121. i would like to have a nice big house with a game room
122. i am currrently upset with Maxis
123. Birthday is December 6
124. Dragon under chinese zodiac
125. Love watching football
126. Used to support Orlando Magic 10 years ago
127. Studied in Orlando Florida
128. hate confrontation
129. i smoke
130. i used to have long hair
131. i tell jokes very well
132. i don't gross out easily
133. i loved english literature in school
134. i was head of my schools drama team
135. love performing in front of tonnes of ppl
136. i wish i was simon cowell
137. i don't trust ppl easily
138. i miss my mom
139. i am right handed
140. I can play every sport except football

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