Monday, August 14, 2006

My thoughts on whatever i am thinking about

Yeah i know i haven't blogged in awhile but thats cos i got frustrated with my blog cos i could not paragraph the lines. But as you can see it has been fixed.

Lots of things happening around me. Seeing the weird lives and lifestyles of the people around me that suddenly i have found myself keeping to myself more and finding more solice in my room enjoying my games and movies. Also the fact that as weird as it may sound, i am addicted to going to the gym. Now before you get excited, it might be a phase but more than ever i am quite motivated. So far no major changes in physical but i am hoping and praying that it will happen soon.

Anyway i mentioned that i was looking at the weird lives or lifestyles of the people around me. I mean the grass is greener theory is really applicable seeing how i used to think some of my friends lives were pretty good but their lives are crumbling around them and when i step back i realise that mine is not all that bad. I have my health. I have a good family, i have someone whom i love and loves me. I have a good job and I am stress free.

But off late i am getting disturbing news about friends around me that surprised me. I wish i could talk about it here but I obviously can't as these are the personal lives of my friends.

But on a brighter note I just got back from Penang and once again caught up with some friends, Lorna, Kelly-Ann, Kevin, Amy and Emilia. Was good seeing them but tiring. Oh and of course a quick hello with Lorraine and her baby boy Isaac. It's weird seeing my friends around me with kids of their own. A good weird.

Wrok wise i am looking for the new mixfm and seeing how it erupts into something good. So tune in ok.

I will tryand post some pictures soon i promise even tho there has not been many events in the last feww weeks that were Kodak moments.

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Siv said...

Hey man , good to see you're FINALLY getting to the gym... If you need any help , lemme know ;)