Thursday, August 24, 2006

Weird Bloggers

Ok i am one to talk. But i have been reading various blogs today and I found one thing that is quite similar. Everyone is trying to use bombastic words or very "bunga bunga words". Like my life is the nuclues of perception and depth of the undying forlorness of yesteryear. Just say la.. Today my day was bad. I mean who writes this way. I found the most interesting blogs are the ones that are straight forward. I mean when i write my entries i type as how my brain constructs it's sentences. Does your brain really use such big words??!

And some people might as well not blog. I mean if you notice i don't blog everyday. Only when something interesting happens. Or at least i think it was interesting. Who writes, I woke up at 10 went to work had lunch with my colleagues and goes home!?

And some go on and one forever. Here's a tip i got from public speaking 101 "A speech (or in this case a blog entry) should be like a womans skirt. Long enough to cover the subject and short enough to maintain interest"!!

With that in mind. Thanks for reading my blog and comments are welcome.


Jo said...

a blog doesn't necessarily mean writing from your thoughts. Some people use blogs as a means of expressing themselves, or to play journalist in their own world. whichever it is, I enjoy both. I've read some really good and well-written stuff that may seem hoity-toity but it really got the message across. very much appreciated.

btw, i used to be one of those 'woke up at 10' people !! :P Still would be if I had the time

soleilina said...

It's a gender thing, really.. Studies have shown that guys are more inclined to be more succinct linguistically. Women on the other hand, use longer and more complex sentences.. :)

Brown Sugar said...

Oh so true. So so true.

S h e r v e said...

you should have made this post longer hahaha
the first paragraph itself got me laughing :p

rick said...

hahaha... trust me. I had came across hell lots of blogs like that. 99% of it will b personal blogs n that is y i dun read such. Only go to those professional blogs.

cheer bro. we hv approx 6 billion of ppl in this world. :)