Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Welcome to the weird side

OK i can't help but to blog and post some pics about this. Let me introduce you to one of my closest friends. His name is Robert. I call him my "Dawg"

Now you know why i call him my "dawg" hahaha (kidding bro)

As you can see keeps his nose clean out of trouble

He has very clean teeth

And sometimes he doesn't even know he keeps his nose clean!

He can be sexy when he wants to be *rawr*

SO this is the crew then. Ah Siau, Myself and Robert trying to have fun on a real boring night so we decided to take stupid photos.

The idea was to look at the on the table but the camera beat us to the pose.
Ah Siau is feeling for his facial hair and Robert is thinking why he doesn't have any.
Only because we thought we had hot lips
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! If you notice Robert tries to simulate oral sex but his test subject is pointing the wrong way in his mouth!

Ok so we can take NORMAL photos as well

And just to be sure we TRIED to do it again but Robert was scared his eyes would look too small.

Ummmmm no comment

And last but not least......


Jo said...

but damn cute!

Shauno said...

I am laughing.....hahahha

blissful facade said...

cam whore, cam whore, cam whore


Twisted Abomination said...

SHeesh. I don't put pics i kena screw. I put pics and i am a whore as well.

Can't a guy just have fun

Cynthia :) said...

LOL. love the "sexy" photo. very uhh. sexy.

Dawn said...

Happy Belated Birthday!