Tuesday, January 24, 2006


It was an incredible weekend. Especially Saturday. We had a bowling event with federal bowl. It was so muchb fun. I haven't bowled in years but i still got it. But my arm is still aching from it. Night was amazing. We went for the Black Party and had so much fun. But the real party for me started when we went to Loft and i grabbed the mic and partied for 3 hours non stop. It was cool.

But the weekend event have got me thinking again. Yes it happens once in awhile. Think of it as urban renewal for the soul. Lots of things in my head. More on the present and the near future i suppose.

I guess there is a lot to say about the joys of being single. But more than anything is that i can go out with anyone at any time or anywhere and do what i want. Seriously? I miss the companionship and knowing i have someone. Sigh. Yes i have these normal commitment attacks. But i guess God has a bitgger plan for me. Let's see what happens. Just feeling a bit low these last few days. But as always i shall bounce back.

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