Friday, January 06, 2006

God protect her!

Dear reader,

It is with the heaviest heart i have ever had that I tell you that my friend Sophina Mohd. Akhir aka Nana has passed last night at about 11 pm. She was 25 and one of the sweetest girls i know. As far as i know everyone liked her and she was dear to me as a friend. Religion says that God always takes the good ones first. Well God chose the right one cos she was good. And though it hurts to know that i will never hear her voice again, see her smile or see her play foosball i know that she has gone to heaven.

Nana you will be missed and may God bless your soul.


Liz said...

my condolences..

Anonymous said...

I was missing Nana so suddenly googled her name, and your touching posts came up. Mere thank yous cannot convey how grateful I am that she had moments of happiness surrounded by wonderful friends like you. God bless you Pietro and well wishes from Nana's family.


Unknown said...

Hi everyone. I knew her since primary school and secondary school. I just knew about her passed away in the year 2010 after one of my Fren told me. She was the one who introduce hockey to me. During our secondary school days I was at same class with her until form 3. In hockey I'm in the junior teams while Nana in the senior teams.even I admired her in study as well in hockey. I was shocked when I knew about her.She was pretty , loving and talented person.She been to Sukma n few others competitions as she represented Penang hockey girls teams.Just hoping her family can contributed some social media pages for her as a lots of her friend wanted to contributed some phrases for this loving lady....Miss u Fren and I still remember how I practised with u and how funny you r in the class.