Thursday, January 19, 2006

Let there be updates!

Well since I started the afternoon shift my life has become a whole lot easier. I even feel healthier. I guess it's the whole sleeping like a normal person and actually coming home at a decent time and managing time to myself. ALso i think the living in hartamas part helps a lot in the time scenario. And of course the knowledge that I don't work weekends is amazing!

Had some of Murats friends over for the last week or so. Those guys are crazy! But they are real nice. And good fun. Lots of weird stuff happens when they around which i will not get into. The best is the midnight snacks which are amazing. I mean we make maggi mee. But these guys toast bread, cheese spread, salami, hot peppers, tuna, chocolate nutella, cheese. Amazing man. I guess the only thing I can't get used to is every air con in the house being on. It's scary to think what our electricity bill will belike end of the month.

So far it's been a good first few weeks fo the new year. I been happy more than sad and i got a lot o look forward too. My TV show starts shooting again next week so I am looking forward to that.

Also I noticed ever sincei moved and started doing this shift i have cut my expenses down by almsost half. Very uplifting! I guess cos i eat at work where to food is subsidiezed and stuff.

Anyway am looking forward to this weekend cos the team will be bowling in Federal Bowl with listeners. I haven't bowled in ages so it will be nice to see if i still got them skillz.

Yes yes no juicy updates but hey the juicy updates are saved for some day else. What do you expect la. I am at work now and nothing to do.

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