Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am "The Godfather!"

I have always wanted to say that. Yes it's finally happened. I am now a godfather. My lil nephew Ewen was baptised on Sunday. And he is such a cutie. I will post some pics of him soon.

ANyway the weekend was a whirlwind. I left early Saturday morning and reliased on my way to the bus station that they gave me the wrong ticket. The time stated on the ticked was 6 hours later then the time i wanted. So i panicked. So i reached there and lucky for me there was a free seat on the bus i wanted. But in typical Malaysian fashion when I asked for the ticket the girl at the counter replied in her most made up smiled face in the world "Naik Saja, takpe punya" I knew this was a bad sign and I tried to tell her i wanted a ticket. But she kept saying she had to issue the ticket and I had to pay for it. I just think she did not want to do the paperwork. But my instinct was right. When i try to board the bus, they would not let me on. Much debate and confusion and finally i was on board. Thank god for all the action because once i was on the bus i was asleep till i reached penang.

It was rushed. Too many things to do. Spend time with family, grandmas birthday and the baptism. But still it was good to see the family.

Came back on monday morning. And the bus demons would no leave me alone. We reached ipoh and the bus broke down. We had made a stop and the bus driver told us that is was a toilet break for 10 mins. About 30 mins later i noticed we were stil not moving. 45 mins still no movement. Then i look across and I see the bus driver chilling out. So when i asked him why we are not moving he finally told me. I mean there was a bus full of irritated people at why we are not moving and he did not even tell us. In fact as more people got off the bus he stood further away. Finally another bus showed up and we were back on our journey. This is the second time this has happened to me on the same bus company. Mental note... take another bus company.

Anyway that was the weekend for me. Eventful and yet not. Will post some pics of my lil nephew soon.

The Godfather

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yanz said...

hey bro, may i noe da bus company name? its happen 2 my fren too! aiyooo..