Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jessica Alba

The title and the picture speak for itself. Ok ok s o you think I am shallow. Well here's the deal. Not only is Jessica Alba supernova hot... but it's not the seeling point for me. I was watching the 2006 MTV Movie Awards Yesterday which she hosted, The great thing about her is the fact that she is real. The girl next door. The buddy. Did I mention she was supernova hot!

Anyway, it's been a decent weekend. Friday night was a nice Breakers Night, Saturday was a good grocery shopping day. And I finally moved my PS2 from downstairs to my room. I started playing at about 10 and was supposed to go out at 11.30. So 11.30 came... then 12.30 came.. then 2 am came... then 5 am came. So guess what... I stayed home and did not spend a single cent. And my thumbs hurt today. Currently playing Need for Speed Most Wanted. I highly recommend it.

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